Chicago Website Design SEO Company Publishes WPX Hosting Review

Chicago Website Design SEO Company, an Illinois website design service, has just published a WPX Hosting Review. The review explores the advantages and drawbacks of WPX Managed WordPress Hosting, what it has to offer and whether or not WPX hosting delivers on the promises it makes as well as what its users expect of it.

“Having a fast website is crucial to our online success,” the review says. “Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way, and believe me, poor website speed and poor support can kill your online success. It does not matter what your website is about online, you will benefit a great deal from a fast loading website. With the improvement of the website speed, it is easy to increase traffic. This is due to improved search engine visibility; search engines know the importance of load rate and how it load rate impacts the user experience. Fast WordPress loading is basically the reason WPX Hosting was created. Also, I would like to add, WPX Hosting is the creation of Terry Kyle, an SEO expert; he is pretty much one of us, so he built WPX hosting to address the common issues SEOs run into when hosting WordPress websites.”

According to studies, slower sites are more likely to cause visitors to move on to faster (and thus easier to use) sites. When a site takes three or more seconds to load, it is generally considered slow, and most people will simply navigate elsewhere. The majority of these people will not return to the website—and many of them will tell other people about their negative experiences regarding the website’s speed.

WPX Hosting offers a high performance website hosting solution for WordPress websites. It has been in business for a long time and has successfully established itself as a trustworthy website hosting solution. WPX also offers a number of features not easily found in other web hosting services, including website backups, website migration service and email services.

Another aspect that makes WPX stand out from its peers is its simplicity. “This is where WPX is different,” says the review. “The management dashboard is refreshingly simple. While we live in an age where things are complex and time consuming, WPX Hosting managed to have an oasis of simplicity that makes everything easy and fast. Finding different settings takes a few seconds. For everything I do not understand or find, I always settle for contacting the support team, which is incredibly fast in responding.”

WPX was designed to host large sites, as can be seen in how it performs under pressure for large eCommerce sites. Its servers are designed to handle serious traffic, and they are able to handle almost any spike in incoming visitors. According to the review, the support team is very responsive, always available to offer assistance to their users. With 24/7 live chat, WPX makes sure users are never left to handle any issues that may arise on their own.

“You will probably not deal with any major problems, and in case there is one, you can rest assured that WPX Hosting will handle it with precision,” says the WPX Hosting review in its verdict. “Migration is fast and transparent, with the team updating you on everything they are doing. WPX Hosting has dedicated their time and resources to taking care of their customers through high quality web hosting services and an impressive customer support team that responds fast and handles any problems that you might be dealing with. For these and many other reasons, I highly recommend WPX Hosting.”

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