Chicago Website Design SEO Company Offers Small Business Website Design Services

Chicago Website Design SEO Company has revealed that they are offering small business website design services in Chicago and neighboring areas. This means that everything will be done for the business owner so that he or she can focus on running the business. One of their goals is to make the website design process as hands-off as possible for the owner. Included in the website design service is the writing of web content, design of a logo by some of their most talented artists if required, use of images to adequately represent the products or services offered, and use of a reliable web hosting service. Some of the websites they have designed include contractor websites, HVAC websites, plumber websites, home remodeling websites, and roofer websites.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, says, “Unlike a web designer who builds custom websites tailored to what they client thinks is cool and trendy without marketing in mind, we build websites based off of metrics. Since we build websites from metrics, we are referred to as web marketers. Our small business websites are tailored to what your prospective clientele wants based of the keyword research we do. Therefore, our writers and designers work together only after they have received a competitive analysis.”

Aside from website design, they also offer a lead generation service. The lead generation system that they offer includes content writing, lead funnel, website design, email sequence writing, PPC set up and management, SEO, and reputation building. This system is expected to provide warm and hot leads that are then converted into sales. And while there are various approaches to lead generation, Chicago Website Design SEO Company will focus on web marketing and their process will include: finding the correct and profitable keywords; building or updating the site to reflect the appropriate keywords; developing, managing or repairing online reputation; search engine optimization of the site; and off-page SEO efforts for the determined keywords.

And, of course, there is a need for local SEO services, which is available through Chicago Website Design SEO Company as local Google My Business (GMB) optimization and Etsy product SEO. GMB is the Google platform that allows the advertising, marketing, and promotion of websites. This is vital for the small business because Google displays the GMB results alongside the usual Google search results. GMB results are essential because they offer important information about the business, such as their specific location. Meanwhile, they will also assist the client with enhancing Etsy product visibility to increase sales. They will help the business rise in the rankings on Etsy and they will also help increase the Etsy store and Etsy product rankings on Google.

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is another service offered by Chicago Website Design SEO Company. Through their PPC management service, clients may be able to save a substantial amount of money while significantly increasing their ROI. PPC, SEO and various search marketing techniques tend to supplement each other in providing the client with more revenue after the establishment of natural search engine standings.

They also offer an online reputation management service. This is important because potential customers usually search online regarding a business before they place an order. The problem is that even those who are doing their business properly and striving to do their best may have negative reviews found online. It may be caused by some unscrupulous competitors who provide false negative reviews about the business that they have noticed to have a high rank on the search engine results. And there may be some complaints from real customers who had misunderstood what to expect from the product or service. Whatever the reason for the negative comments about the business, they can negate all those efforts to boost the website’s ranking on the search results. To remedy the situation, the reputation management company will look for ways to increase online positive reviews for the client and increase their rankings while ensuring that the negative comments are pushed down the rankings.

Small business owners who would like to know more about the website design services and other services provided by Chicago Website Design SEO Company may want to check out their website or contact them on the phone or via email.


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