Chicago Website Design SEO Company Launches New Website Featuring the Beacon Chest Seal

Chicago Website Design SEO Company, a Chicago SEO services company, has revealed that they have recently launched a new website featuring the Beacon Chest Seal, which is an advanced occlusive dressing for the treatment of open chest wounds. It should be noted that open chest wounds in the battlefield caused by penetration injuries may result to tension pneumothorax, which is the second leading cause of preventable death of soldiers while fighting. The Beacon™ Chest Seal is available either as vented or non-vented. The vented version of this occlusive dressing for open chest wounds has four vents that permit the outflow of air from the chest cavity during exhalation but prevent the inflow of air into the chest cavity during inhalation. It is provided with four vents to optimize venting and ensure appropriate chest seal function if there is an obstruction.

The Beacon™ Chest Seal has a number of features that make it stand out. These include the fact that it is or has: FDA 510(k) exempt and has a CE marking; used by military, police, fire, EMS and first responders; a large 6-inch round shape for optimal coverage area; a large release tab for easy application and removal; effective in extreme cold and heat transparent backing for easy placement over the wound; a strong medical grade hydrogel adhesive; a lightweight puncture-resistant packaging; the ability to conforms and adheres easily to all body surfaces; the ability to preserve the function and integrity of chest seal when folded or rolled; a vacuum sealed pouch with 4 tear notches; and latex free.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, says, “We’re happy to announce that we have completed another web design project for one of our clients. This is to provide information regarding an occlusive dressing for open chest wounds.”

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