Chicago Video Production Company, Video One Productions, Is Offering Its Virtual Event Production Services

Chicago video production company, Video One Productions, is offering clients its expertise for hosting virtual events. A virtual event is either pre-produced or live, depending on the requirements of the client. On its website, the company showcases virtual events that it produced for Kraft Foods and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) as a way for prospective clients to find out the company’s production capabilities.

The company cites an example of a virtual awards ceremony as a kind of virtual event that it can organize. The website describes the process of filming the award ceremony for the ASCE. First, the company’s COVID certified videographers who wear a mask and face shield and practice social distancing, visited 18 locations to film in 4K video. They filmed the current president of the society, making an introductory presentation to members to kick off the event. Next, the president introduced and presented awards to the various award winners for each category. The award winner introduced themselves and thanked the society for their recognition. The company then filmed each award winner at home, at their office, or work site, and performing an activity representing their profession or job. The company then edited this cutaway footage into their acceptance speech and concluded with them holding the award. They also included an animated intro, branding, onscreen text, and licensed music. Then the company moved on to the next category and award winner until the president issued his concluding remarks.

They also produced a virtual awards acceptance video of the Kraft Foods president and CEO, who could not attend the event by the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD), recognizing their generous donation. Video One Productions filmed and edited the President of Kraft, the President of GCFD, various food pantries, recipients of food donations, and other footage into a presentation for the GCFD fundraising event. The company says that it can use a combination of techniques that best suit the purpose of the virtual event or any other production projects such as live streaming, interviews, and presentations.

When asked about the company’s virtual event production services, the spokesperson for the company, Irwin Meyers, says, “Virtual events are on track to become more ubiquitous now that the world has moved a lot of its social interaction online since the COVID-19 pandemic. We cut our teeth on the hardest assignments during the lockdowns. We want to take all the lessons that we have learned and bring this expertise to others who might need our services. We promise the utmost professionalism from our highly experienced team of producers, videographers, and editors. They are ready and willing to tell the story you want to tell through the magic of sound and video. You will love the final product and we are confident that it will also dazzle your intended audience. If you are a company looking to host a virtual event or you are looking for a production company for marketing your interview or testimonial, give us a call. We will take your project from concept to completion.”

Video One Productions has been providing video production, video editing, live streaming, and multimedia services since 1987. They assist a wide variety of clients from businesses and government agencies to non-profits and individuals with the use of video to achieve their goals. They have an excellent track record of working for the pharmaceutical industry having worked with Novartis, Revance, Levo Therapeutics, and other biotechs and pharmaceuticals in various video-related capacities. The company says that it is experienced and proficient in creating media that helps get drugs and therapy approved for that industry.

They also have the know-how for video production with drones. The company says that the dramatic and informative point of view a drone video provides helps rent or lease a property, or enhance marketing or event videos. They also offer video production and video editing services for corporate, event, promotional, training, and other business videos. The company’s video editors appropriately blend information and entertainment, resulting in motivating the viewer to learn something, using the client’s products and services, and generally feel good about the company or organization.


For more information about Video One Productions, contact the company here:

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