Chicago South Loop Options Medical Weight Loss Gets a New Website

Options Medical Weight Loss, based in Chicago, Illinois, has announced with pride that they have recently launched their new website. The purpose of getting a new website is to make it easier for residents of Chicago and neighboring areas, such as The Loop, River North, The West Loop, Lincoln Park, and Old Town, to discover a truly safe and effective weight loss program. The new website is also mobile friendly, more user friendly, and easier to navigate.

The Chicago South Loop Medical Weight Loss clinic is strategically located in South Wabash Avenue in Chicago to provide a medically supervised and personalized weight loss program to Chicago residents. Whatever the weight loss diet plan that the patient wants, an in-house counselor will be providing some assistance in making the final choice to ensure that it is the most suitable for the patient, particularly with regards to lifestyle.

Options Medical Weight Loss offers medically supervised weight loss programs in Chicago. These programs are based on a modification of the ketogenic diet and the hCG diet. Prescription medications and appetite suppressants may be prescribed by the weight loss doctor to help the program participant in achieving the weight loss goal. Examples of these medications and appetite suppressants are: phendimetrazine; diethylpropion; phentermine for weight loss; lipotropic fat burning injections; B12 injections; and hCG injections to pair with the hCG diet.

The Options Diet System of Options Medical Weight Loss has four different phases. A modified ketogenic diet is introduced to the patient. The idea behind this ketogenic diet is to get the body into a state of ketosis, where there aren’t enough carbohydrates that the body can use for fuel. As a result, the body will start burning stored fat to provide the required heat. And during the second phase, glycemic foods are now included in the diet while controlling the amount of fat intake. The goal of this phase is to allow the body to get used to consuming regular quantities of healthy foods.

Healthier carbohydrates will be added to the diet in the third phase but the weight loss counselor will ensure that weight loss is maintained. It should be noted that during the first phase, if it is the body weight has kept a certain level of stability, the weight loss doctor will help in the gradual addition of some carbohydrates into the diet, while ensuring that weight loss goals are not compromised. And finally, in the fourth phase, the patient has to make sure that the achieved body weight is maintained.

The patient has the choice of taking part in the prescription program where weight loss medications and FDA-approved appetite suppressants may be suggested by the medical weight loss doctor to help achieve the weight target. On the other hand, it is also possible for the patient to avoid taking any prescribed drugs, if the patient prefers it.

Meanwhile, those who have already tried the weight loss programs offered by Options Medical Weight Loss have had positive results, which is why they have left highly positive reviews in Google and Yelp. Their overall rating in both Yelp and Google is currently at a perfect five stars.

For instance, Matthew W. on Yelp, gave them five stars and stated, “Options changed my life. My before and after pictures speak for itself. So many people could benefit from how this company has structured helping people meet their weight loss and health goals. I was like so many people out there sitting at a desk most of the day and it crept on me. Coming out of college I was a 200 pound top notch athlete. By my early 30's I was a 232 pound desk jockey. But what really opened my eyes to not just weight loss but to how unhealthy I had become was when I applied for life insurance and was told that I wasn't in the top tier. [..] This place is different. I'm so grateful. I hope this helps others take a step to a better life.”

People who would like to learn more about the weight loss programs or want a free consultation may want to check out the Options Medical Weight Loss – Chicago South Loop website, or contact them on the phone, or through email.


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