Chicago Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Explains the Meaning of Alimony in an Illinois Divorce

Chicago divorce lawyer Russell Knight releases a new article ( that explains the meaning of Alimony in an Illinois divorce. The lawyer mentions that alimony is called maintenance and it is governed by a statute that has strict mathematical formulas to calculate the amount and duration of the monthly support.

According to the Chicago divorce lawyer, “Alimony is the common term for a payment a former spouse regularly makes to their former spouse pursuant to a divorce court order. The state of Illinois abandoned the term “alimony” for the less controversial term, “maintenance” Maintenance is a monetary sum paid by one spouse for the benefit of the other spouse upon separation or the dissolution of marriage; also called alimony or spousal support.”

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The lawyer explains that in order to determine how much one spouse needs to pay the other spouse monthly, the first step would be to identify if the other spouse needs alimony. The court will take many factors into consideration when it comes to awarding someone alimony. One of these factors includes the income and property of each party.

Attorney Knight mentions that if one of the parties has a lot of assets, they may not be entitled to receive alimony since they are able to support themselves with those assets. Another factor that will be taken into consideration is the needs of each party. If a spouse needs to pay for medicine out of pocket, they may be able to receive more maintenance.

In the article, attorney Russell adds that the realistic present and future earning capacity of each party will also be taken into consideration. One example of this is when a doctor leaves their residency to become an attending physician. In this situation, they may not be entitled to maintenance the doctor’s earning capacity would vastly increase.

Furthermore, the lawyer says that other things that will be considered by the court are the duration of the marriage, the sources of public & private income, the standard of living established during the marriage, and any agreement made by the couple.

Lastly, attorney Russell Knight says that it is important to seek the help of an experienced divorce attorney when it comes to matters like child custody and spousal support. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help the client understand their rights and responsibilities in the divorce process.

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