Chicago Divorce Attorney Russell Knight Explains False Reports to DCFS in Illinois

Chicago divorce attorney Russell D. Knight releases a new article ( discussing false reports to DCFS in Illinois. The lawyer mentions that divorces are often heated and parents don’t usually agree on how to raise their children. DCFS or the Department of Children and Family Services is responsible for investigating the possible endangerment of a child.

“When DCFS receives a report they are obligated to investigate the allegations and, if necessary, act on those allegations. There are two courses of action DCFS can take upon receipt of a report: one is family assessment and the second is an investigation,” says the Chicago divorce attorney.

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The lawyer explains that family assessments are an offer of help to the child’s parents. In a family assessment, there are no findings of abuse or subsequent steps if that help is refused. On the other hand, an investigation is an inquiry, not just an offer of help. If abuse gets discovered after the investigation, the findings can be used as evidence in a divorce case.

Attorney Rusell Knight adds that if the investigation shows that the abuse is severe enough to prove that the child remains in danger, an employee of the DCFS may take temporary protective custody of the child. This means that DCFS may take a child away without a court hearing if they believe that the child’s safety is in danger.

In the article, the lawyer explains that unfounded reports can only be reviewed under two circumstances. One is if subsequent abuse is reported and the second is if a false report is alleged. Unfounded reports are usually locked away until another unfounded report is made. However, if the subject of the report alleges an intentionally false report, DCFS will keep the unfounded report open.

According to the divorce lawyer, “For those who knowingly transmit false reports to the DCFS, fines, and restitution may be ordered. But, probation, parole, and home/electronic monitoring can reduce the jail sentence. If the report involves hiding the actual abuse of a child (blaming someone else to hide your own abuse), the penalties get steeper.”

Lastly, the divorce attorney emphasizes that a lawyer should always tell their client the best and worst-case scenarios. It is important to speak with the lawyer first before hiring them to ensure that they are telling you all the important information surrounding the divorce case.

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