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Purav Bhatt, a Chicago based criminal attorney is proudly serving the Greater Chicago area. The law offices of Purav Bhatt are adept in handling cases in multiple areas of law such as burglary, criminal sexual assault, domestic violence, federal crimes, DUI/drunk driving, felony, financial crimes, robbery, theft crimes, and weapons charges.

A burglary charge can involve the invasion of privacy and a violation of someone’s safety in their home. Some burglary charges are nothing more than trespassing or theft. There is a huge difference between the way these two situations are handled. The trespassing and theft charges carry lower penalties. Proper legal representation can make the difference between a few thousands of dollars in fines or years in jail or prison. Residential burglary is much different and the person charged with it will face a Class 1 felony. The law offices of Purav Bhatt appeals to those who have been charged with burglary in the state of Illinois to get organized and represented as they may be facing up to 7 years in prison.

Criminal Attorney Purav Bhatt

Charges such as criminal sexual assault can turn a defendant’s life upside down. Shame and dishonor associated with this area of law affect one’s reputation and character. It can lead to alienation from friends and family and termination from work. The state of Illinois defines sexual assault and abuse as any form of non-consensual sexual contact. There are severe penalties such as lengthy prison terms, lifelong sex offender registration, long periods of counseling, and heavy fines that come with it. Purav Bhatt has represented defendants such as teachers, family members, cab drivers, neighbors, and others who have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct. He recommends anyone in such a predicament to get an experienced sex crimes criminal defense attorney, such as Purav Bhatt, on their side.

A domestic battery charge can carry a range of misdemeanor penalties to felony charges, civil orders limiting one’s freedom, and potential prison sentences. The state of Illinois treats it seriously as escalating violence can culminate in an intra-family homicide that creates an atmosphere not conducive to a child’s development. The Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 protects family or household members from domestic violence. The smartest thing that someone who is charged with domestic violence can do is to remain silent to protect themselves against future stress and aggravation. The accused will be most likely asked to leave the property. If arrested, they will be taken to jail and held till they can see a judge and have a bond hearing. The amount of the bond will depend on the criminal history and facts surrounding the arrest. Purav Bhatt has represented many defendants charged with domestic battery and is well equipped to handle any case.

Those charged with federal charges are subject to settings, procedures, and consequences, much different and greater than those being charged for state offenses. The United States Attorney’s Office employs federal prosecutors who are experienced and wield the resources of the United States government at their disposal. The law offices of Purav Bhatt recommends that those facing a federal indictment prepare early and aggressively. It is important to select an attorney that is experienced with the federal court system, the US attorneys handling the case, and the judges hearing the case. The goal of the attorney should be to avoid the defendant being charged in the first place and then to minimize the damage of those charges if they go through. The law offices of Purav Bhatt has tried cases ranging from drug trafficking, guns, piracy, internet pornography, tax fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, health care fraud, violations of securities laws, conspiracy, white-collar crimes, racketeering, illegal transportation, and sale of firearms.

Purav Bhatt has been rated at a 10.0 from Avvo as a top personal injury and criminal defense attorney. He was Avvo’s client choice for criminal defense in 2014 and a top contributor for criminal defense in 2013. There is a contact form on his website to schedule a free consultation.


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