Chicago Crane Rentals Available At Imperial Crane Services

Bridgeview, IL based Imperial Crane Services, Inc is pleased to bring their crane rental services to the attention of their community. With budget cuts and other measures having to be taken to limit construction expenditures over the course of the past year, the company encourages contractors to take another look into renting the equipment and machinery they need in order to complete their projects on schedule.

Imperial Crane Services specializes in both Chicago crane rentals and sales, and their experience in the field has given them a deep appreciation for what contractors need to stay within budget as well as execute their objectives in an efficient and timely fashion. Cranes more often than not prove to be incredibly useful tools for major construction projects, the hauling of heavy goods and so on, and a project’s overall success can rest on its team’s ability to locate the specific kind of equipment they need at reasonable rates.

Gina Kaktis of Imperial Crane Services says, “In the construction industry, delays can be extremely costly, and this cost only increases with the scope of the project in question. In practice, this means you need to know how to identify the best equipment for the task at hand as well as navigate the available pool of offers to discover the one that best meets your needs.”

Delays are not the only concern, however. Failing to select the right crane may mean that it is revealed to be incompatible upon arrival and needs to be exchanged (a process which can take anywhere between days to weeks or more, depending on the circumstances). This, according to Kaktis, is one of the best-case scenarios that can occur as a result of such an error. On the other side of the spectrum, a crane or other piece of hauling equipment that is insufficient for the task it is intended for might then become a severe safety risk to all who are on-site, and a combination of such events may turn out to be fatal for the company in question.

Purchasing a crane in Chicago is also known to be notoriously expensive, as many local contractors can attest. Despite the fact that working with rentals can effectively remove this financial obstacle, however, Kaktis cautions contractors against going exclusively for the lowest prices they can find. Many considerations need to be made when renting a crane, and the selection process should not be any less stringent than would be implemented if the crane were to be purchased completely.

The list of considerations includes but is not limited to the cranes’ features, operations and sizes. It should be powerful enough for the intended use as well as able to operate within the confines of the local environment (such as moving loads without damaging nearby buildings or other structures).

Kaktis adds, “The crane itself is not your only concern, however. Before you hire a crane company, you need to come up with a comprehensive project plan that outlines what you want to accomplish and what it will take to achieve those goals. You should also consult with construction professionals who can share advice regarding experienced riggers in the industry, including which entities are reliable enough to oversee job requirements and who can similarly advise on the types of cranes that should be used for the project.” Riggers are also knowledgeable in safety practices and the correct operations of cranes, which always proves invaluable.

Cranes come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations as well, and each of these is often designed to fulfil a specific purpose. No crane is able to tackle absolutely every challenge, and contractors must take this into account when figuring out how to approach a project.

Fortunately for Chicago contractors, Imperial Crane Services is able to provide such crucial assistance at every stage of a project. Their team’s knowledge is always at the disposal of their customers, thereby ensuring that the best crane option is selected based on the job at hand as well all its associated safety requirements.

As such, those who want to rent or buy a crane in Illinois are welcome to reach out to Gina Kaktis of Imperial Crane Services, Inc to discuss their needs. Additional information can also be found on the company’s website and social media channels.


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