Charlotte Commercial Door Company Discusses Why Door Installation is Best Left to Professionals

Commercial Door Worx is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based commercial door installation specialist with over 25-years experience. In that time, they have corrected many mistakes that non-professionals have made when they tried to install a commercial door without the proper know-how. That’s why this company recommendations leaving commercial door installation to professionals like them. They say it’s the best way to get any heavy commercial door to turn out looking great and working smoothly.

The company spokesperson, Tom McGarity, says, “Although installing a commercial door may appear to be a simple and straightforward process, take it from us as a company that does this task all of the time, it’s anything but. That’s because most commercial doors are very heavy and have to be installed in a very specific way. We are called out to correct problems with self-installations all of the time because a new door at a business was not aligned right, leveled properly, or has improper hardware installed on it. Many companies in the Charlotte area have learned this lesson the hard way and now make it a point to call us any time they have a commercial door installation need.”

McGarity went on to state that there simply is no substitute for experience when it comes to installing commercial doors. He says that many small but important decisions have to be made during any commercial door installation process and that their well-trained techs have the know-how to make these decisions properly to make the project a success. The company spokesperson described a successful installation as one that leaves any commercial door properly aligned and working smoothly. This will help a commercial door look great once installed and will also help extend its useful life. He stated that one other very important aspect that professional commercial door installers know how to get right is putting the correct hardware on a door. That way the commercial door will open & close properly, lock tightly, and have matching hardware that won’t fall apart after being used for just a short time. According to McGarity, it’s often the case that an improperly installed commercial door that they are called upon to correct often ends up costing more than if they had done the original installation. He cautioned that many times manufacturers will also not warranty the commercial doors that they make if they were not installed by a company that does this service professionally. The company spokesperson mentioned that any company that has a commercial door installation project that needs to be done should at least call a professional company that offers this service to get their opinion on the project and an estimate for the job. Most professional commercial door installation companies like theirs do not charge for this aspect of their service and the company is under no obligation to accept the estimate that was provided to them.

The company spokesperson went on to say that they are always happy to do any door measuring that a company needs to have done before they order their commercial doors and they can install the door framework as well. They install all different types of commercial doors too and that includes everything from exterior doors to complete bathroom stall setups. He says that they often take on such big commercial door installation projects as those required by schools, hotels, government buildings, assisted living facilities, and more. McGarity added that those who would like more information on their commercial door installation services are welcome to call or email them. He says that they are always happy to answer any questions or concerns that their customers have regarding their upcoming commercial door installation projects. Prospective customers can also read more about their services on the company website which can be found at Commercial Door Worx not only provides their quality commercial door and frame installation services in Charlotte, NC, but also offers this service to businesses in Pineville, Matthews, Huntersville, Concord, and other surrounding cities.


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