Charlotte Chiropractic Clinic Holds 6th Annual Back To School Supply Drive For Local Elementary School

This is the 6th annual back to school supply drive for Greater Life Chiropractic, a chiropractic clinic in Charlotte, NC. All proceeds of this school drive will be donated to Nations Ford Elementary School, a title 1 school where the majority of students who attend are on the free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs.

Every year, Greater Life Chiropractic kicks off the drive by doing Disney themed office decor and purchasing over $500 of school supplies. The supplies include: backpacks, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, paper, colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, white board markers, and cleaning supplies. All supplies or donations must be collected by 9/3/2021, which is the last day for donations.

The initial purpose and reason behind why they started the back to school drive was to bless students in need. Greater Life Chiropractic has since come to realize that this drive is a continuous blessing to teachers and the community as well. Teachers normally spend their personal funds to purchase the supplies that their students don't have or can't afford.

The owner and head chiropractor of Greater Life Chiropractic, Dr. Grant Lisetor, said, "We invite our chiropractors, medical and office staff to participate, as well as the entire community to come alongside us in our back to school supply drive by adding school supplies to our collection for us to donate."

Nations Ford Elementary School has stated, "We never want to steal the joy students experience in bonding with parents to be prepared for school to begin. However, through the generosity of our community partners and our school budget, many supplies your child needs to be successful have been provided and will be available at open house and the first day of school. For instance, many students enjoy picking their own backpack and/or reusing one from a previous school year. That is okay! However, we do have a new backpack available for each student! You choose what is best for you!"

About Greater Life Chiropractic:

Greater Life Chiropractic assists families in reaching their highest potential for health and healing by utilizing some of the most state of the art technology available, so they are never guessing with their patients health or the health of their loved ones. They offer customized, corrective care plans and specific chiropractic adjustments to their patients to help them achieve their health goals.

Greater Life Chiropractic is focused on serving it's patients and the community with excellence. It is their goal that all of their practice members achieve a life of optimum health. As a neurologically based chiropractic team, they focus on the master control center for the body. They remove pressure from patients' nervous system with specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments, which allows the body to restore mental and physical health. More families are choosing principled chiropractic because no one is too young or too old to live at their optimum health.

The team at Greater Life Chiropractic wants to serve everyone looking to achieve a greater life through quality chiropractic care. To learn more about Greater Life Chiropractic and the services they provide, those interested can visit their website at -


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