Charlotte Bus Rental Service Available At US Coachways

Staten Island, NY based US Coachways is pleased to report that customers may now use their service to rent a bus to Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has taken several measures to make their trips as safe as possible given recent events, and this means that their passengers can enjoy more choice regarding Covid protocols both in and around the city. Those interested are welcome to contact the company today for a Charlotte bus rental.

US Coachways specializes in logistics where travel is concerned, making them one of the premier options in the country for virtually any kind of road trip, especially when large groups are involved. Charlotte is also known for its rich history and fast-paced modern life, which the company advises should frame any trip to the city, be it for business or tourism. As such, Charlotte’s visitors are more likely to be able to enjoy everything the city has to offer (and avoid getting overwhelmed) if they work with US Coachways to plan and execute their trip.

Charlotte’s roots have contributed to its emergence as a thriving city that boasts many of the sightseeing, dining and shopping experiences that anyone can wish for. One major reason to visit the city, however, is its vibrant backdrop of arts and culture — from large music venues such as the Spectrum Center and Bank of America Stadium to numerous smaller locations that regularly feature up and coming local artists. US Coachways also recommends that visitors look into the mid-20th century masterpieces at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art or take in the African-American art at the Harvey B. Gantt. If live theater is more to a visitor’s style, many live performances can be found at the Duke Energy Theater, the Actor's Theatre of Charlotte and more.

As the company states on their website, “Charlotte is a town that's perpetually in motion — don't make your trip there more work by trying to handle all the details by yourself. With a charter bus rental from US Coachways, you can relax with everyone else while we handle all the details.”

US Coachways is able to tackle a wide variety of problems in order to deliver a travel experience that is second to none on the road. In addition to the most obvious advantage of not having to designate a driver or rotate who is behind the wheel in shifts, passengers need only tell the company all their requirements to have these concerns taken care of before they even get on the bus.

For instance, the company’s vast bus fleet is able to accommodate a variety of needs, preferences and budgets. A large family organizing a trip together can, for instance, make use of the company’s mini buses, which come in 24, 27, 28, 30 and 35 passenger varieties. With no one having to dedicate themselves to navigating the road, everyone is free to engage with each other and discuss what they want to do upon disembarking as well. These buses come equipped with high-back reclining bucket seats, climate control, a CD player and storage space. Alternatively, such groups can rent a sleeper bus, which the company explains is designed to be a ‘hotel on wheels.’

The company also provides school buses that can take a group on a trip as required. While these vehicles do not boast the same amenities as other options, customers can expect their drivers to be punctual as well as deliver all passengers safely. Two factors contribute to the company’s high safety rating: they exclusively employ drivers with an established history of safe driving habits (who are also trained to provide exemplary service during the trip), and they plan each route ahead in advance to avoid traffic or other hazards. This applies to each and every bus the company offers, but it makes them an especially good choice for trips involving children and other vulnerable parties.

Alternatively, US Coachways offers a corporate bus rental service that can accommodate virtually any commercial requirement. In addition to being a cost-effective option, commercial customers have access to a great deal of flexibility since they can adjust every detail of their trip as necessary. For instance, they can decide when they will leave, where they will be picked up, how many stops will be made (and where), how long the bus will be available (in accordance with their trip) and ultimately when they will return. Team meetings can be held on the move as well, especially given that US Coachways’ charter buses offer a high degree of comfort (especially compared with other modes of transport) and security — the customer can designate exactly who gets on the bus at any point.

More information regarding the company’s numerous services can be found on their official website. Mark Telmany of US Coachways can similarly be reached for further details.


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