Charleston Roofers Advise Homeowners to Get Their Roofs in Prime Condition Before Hurricane Season Arrives

Wando Roofing LLC, a reputable Charleston roofing contractor, says it’s time for homeowners to get their roofs in great shape to better prepare those roofs for the soon to arrive Atlantic hurricane season. They warn that failure to do so can lead to some big roofing problems when even lesser strength hurricanes pass through the area. This reputable roofing contractor states that when homeowner’s take proactive steps to get their roofs in prime condition, it often goes a long way towards preventing or minimizing damage when hurricane-related winds pass through the area.

The company spokesperson says, “We feel it’s very important for homeowners to have their roofs ready to handle the heavy rains and strong winds that the Atlantic hurricane season usually brings our way. It’s also a great time for those that have been putting off roof repairs to get them done. This will help anyone’s home be better prepared to handle hurricane type weather conditions. Even neglecting to do such small repairs as replacing a section of loose or missing shingles can lead to some big problems if hurricane-driven winds and rain attack one’s roof. Homeowners that are proactive as far as having their roofs in tip-top condition stand the best chance of protecting their Charleston homes during each year’s hurricane season.” He says that their company is prepared to do their part in this effort too. They have veteran roofing crews standing by and ready to help get any type of roof repair that someone in the Charleston area needs to be done. That includes minor roof repairs, leak detection and resolution, adding a new protective layer of shingles, or even doing whole roof replacements. More on this contractor’s specialty roofing services can be seen on their website at

He added that if someone has their roof damaged during a hurricane the company will be there for them too. That’s because they offer quick response emergency roofing services. The company spokesperson says they will go those customers who need emergency roofing help once it’s safe for their crews to venture out. When they arrive at a home with a storm-damaged roof, they will quickly go about inspecting it and making any repairs that are possible. He says that for situations where a roof has been damaged so severely it cannot be repaired right away, the crews at Wando Roofing LLC will take steps to cover the roof to prevent further water damage until the needed roofing supplies arrive and the repair can be made. The company spokesperson said that they are also very experienced when it comes to being a liaison between an insurance provider and a homeowner as far as any roofing claims that are in place. He says that insurance companies often approve the estimates they submit for claims without question because they have a reputation for being fair and accurate with their roof repair quotes.

Wando Roofing LLC also has their roofing services highly rated by those that have used them. A good example of that is the reviews that have been left on HomeAdvisor about this roofing contractor. This business overwatch site rates them a very favorable 4.61 out of a possible 5-stars. That is well above the average for service-based businesses. In one of the many glowing reviews left on the HomeAdvisor website, Brenda C. says, “Very satisfied with everything from beginning to end. I am very happy I chose this company. The roof was replaced in the exact timeframe they said and the clean-up was fantastic. Definitely recommend.”

This reputable roofer services Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Johns Island, Ladson, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Goose Creek, and other nearby Charleston, SC locations. The company spokesperson says that each of their crews are led by experienced roofing techs that have access to the latest and best roofing equipment. He added the company only uses the highest-quality roofing products and they are Owens Corning certified roofing specialists. They offer free roofing estimates and inspections too. Those needing roofing work done in the Charleston area can learn more about this roofing contractor’s services by going to their website or by viewing their Facebook page.


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