Charcuterie Board Set Wins Community’s Favor

Frux Home and Yard, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is delighted to acknowledge a thrilled Amazon customer review for their Charcuterie Board Set. The company believes that this product is great for entertaining and even for use with family and children.

A customer on Amazon rated the board 5 out of 5 Stars, commenting that it is a ‘Beautiful Board.’ The customer goes on to say that, “I was so excited to do my first charcuterie board for New Year’s Eve. I absolutely loved this board, especially the hidden drawers underneath to store the different knives. My daughter was so excited to use the tags and chalk to label our food. The board was easy to clean, and I purchased a board oil to use before I stored it. I have recommended this to a lot of my friends.”

The review clearly highlights the fact that this board is great for use with family and friends of any age. It also touches on one of its most unique features: the hidden drawers with the specially made utensils. The charcuterie board sets come with four stainless steel knives, six luxury slate labels, six elegant appetizer forks, two ceramic sauce bowls and two white markers. A cheese boards guide with fun wine, cured meats and cheese pairings is also included. The board is beautifully crafted with two hidden serving drawers, allowing a user to extend the meat and cheese board and display the included cutlery all at once.

Frux Home and Yard believes that this charcuterie board set is a must-have for wine and cheese tastings. The platter has plenty of room to include a wide variety of cheeses and meat, and also features a surrounding carved well to store artisan bread, crackers, fruits and nuts. The Amazon review highlights that it is great for entertaining guests, with even children enjoying the product. This Charcuterie board would also make a wonderful present for any occasion. Charcuterie boards are an excellent appetizer holder that also offers a variety of colors, textures and fresh items, and they are always a crowd pleaser.

The Frux cheese charcuterie board set makes an excellent serving platter for entertaining and also for a family with children. The set also features a hidden slide-out tray for cutlery. The set has 4 beautiful stainless steel cheese knives; the fork, almond, chisel, and narrow plane are specially crafted for slicing various cheeses (from hard to soft). When using it with children, a parent can simply slide the drawer out and remove the cheese knives. The board is an ideal size for both adults and children. It is a convenient size, so there will not be a lot of food left over, and there is plenty of room to serve a variety of foods as well. The platter is generously sized and has a carved well for assorted sides. They are ideal for use at home and this cheese board makes for a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones as well.

Mike MacDonald, a representative of the company, states that, “Frux Home and Yard is a company built by a family for families. Our team judges ourselves not by the money we make, but by the relationships we build. In line with this, we’re constantly improving our brand and improving our products.”

Frux Home and Yard is known for their kitchen and home improvement product range. The company’s number one consideration in their creation process is customer satisfaction. As a family-owned business, they focus on providing excellent customer service by constantly communicating and sharing ideas that will make living better and more convenient for families. The company values customer feedback, particularly in product reviews, and believes that having good interaction with valued customers allows the team to follow through on their mission of producing quality products which they can all be proud of. The company is always hard at work, creating new lines of products for homes and yards that will satisfy a wide range of décor needs.

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