Changescape Web Launches Marketing Guides Podcast

Changescape Web, Fortune Marketing, and Systematic Biz are proud to announce the launch of their podcast. The podcast focuses on sharing advice and insight on digital marketing for small businesses.

Topics covered during the podcast include Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Websites, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Sales Funnels and much more.

Changescape Web, a St. Charles, MO marketing agency, was founded in 2005 by Ken Tucker. The marketing agency focuses on integrated small business marketing solutions in the St. Louis and St. Charles metro area. “Our top priority is helping our clients grow their business,” says the agency. “We do this by taking a comprehensive, holistic approach, utilizing the Inbound Marketing Methodology. As a Google partner in the Midwest, we view the Web as a fundamental business tool that is integral to a company’s success.”

“The world of online marketing is constantly changing — new technologies, new guidelines and new strategies,” the agency says. “We work hard to keep up on all of the latest industry news and trends so that we can provide expert, impactful solutions for our clients. We also believe in indulging our personal interests. Continuing to learn about a wide variety of subjects helps us be more well-rounded, engaged and creative, qualities that carry over into our work. We believe very strongly in community service and supporting organizations whose missions align with our values. Some of the organizations that Changescape supports are Room to Read and the Climate Reality Project.”

As a result, Changescape Web places a great deal of emphasis on building strong, long lasting relationships with their clients. The agency takes the time to learn and understand every unique facet of their client’s businesses and then develop a strategy that best suits that specific business. Their strategies are based on the four pillars: content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and online public relations. By combining these four concepts, Changescape helps each one of their clients develop an effective web presence.

One aspect that sets Changescape apart is the fact that the agency’s marketing team is made up of people who are passionate about their work. At Changescape, they take great pleasure in facing new challenges every day and discovering opportunities for growth in almost every situation. The agency’s marketing team considers it fun to discuss a client’s problems and develop a solution for said problem.

The agency has successfully developed marketing solutions for a variety of small businesses. Most marketing solutions can be done individually but are most effective when they are packaged, so Changescape offers a number of solutions packages which are all tailor made to meet a specific need.

A number of clients have left excellent reviews of the online marketing agency. One review from a client named Cleve Dayton states, “I have nothing but good things to say about Changescape. Finding a good website and SEO company has been difficult for me. I've used several companies with just OK results, and I never felt like I was getting the attention I needed. That all changed when I decided to give Changescape a try. They are all nice people. They have great ideas. They know what they are talking about.”

Another client, Lori Tainter, says, “I work for a company that hired Changescape last year. The change that it has made in our online presence is second to none. Our website has never looked better, our social media presence has grown and we are receiving quite a few more online leads than we were previously. I am in our marketing department, and I work with them directly. They are always thorough, punctual and extremely helpful.”

The podcast is sponsored by Ken Tucker and Paul Barthel of Changescape Web, Mark Fortune of Fortune Marketing Inc. and Antonio Guerrero of Systematic Business Marketing. Their combined experience and expertise in the world of digital marketing can help small business owners understand what digital marketing is, how it can help them and what they should and should not be doing in marketing their business.

Those who wish to learn more about this initiative are welcome to reach out to Ken Tucker directly. Additional information is available on the agency’s website as well.


For more information about Changescape Web, contact the company here:

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