Chandler Options Medical Weight Loss Gets a New Website

Options Medical Weight Loss, a medical weight loss clinic in Chandler, Arizona, has announced that they have recently launched their brand-new website. A spokesperson for the clinic says that the move was designed to make the site more user friendly, mobile friendly, and easier to navigate. It is expected that this will make it easier for people in Chandler and neighboring areas, such as Mesa, and Tempe, AZ, to locate a safe and effective weight loss program.

A spokesperson for Chandler Options Medical Weight Loss says, “Patients who make the choice to lose weight with our Chandler, AZ clinic will be provided a personalized weight loss plan. The weight loss medical professionals in our clinic understand that each person is unique and each journey toward weight loss is different, which is why we offer comprehensive plans that can be customized to fit a particular lifestyle.”

Each personalized program will be fully supervised by qualified medical professionals to help patients attain their target weight safely. These weight loss plans are medically supervised and are based on certain modifications of the ketogenic and hCG diet. Furthermore, the weight loss clinic in Chandler can provide safe medical-grade products designed to help in the weight loss process, such as appetite suppressants and weight loss medications. Examples of these products are: phentermine for weight loss; diethylpropion; hCG injections to pair with the hCG diet; phendimetrazine; B12 injections; and lipotropic fat burning injections.

Options Medical Weight Loss offers medically supervised weight loss programs in Chandler and surrounding areas. This weight loss clinic is conveniently located in East Ocotillo Road for Chandler and neighboring areas. An in-house counselor will be assigned to each patient to provide assistance in arriving at the final decision on the specific program based on the kind of lifestyle that the patient wants to follow.

The system followed by the Chandler Options Medical Weight Loss clinic is known as the Options Diet System™, which is considered to be the safest and fastest way to lose weight and keep the weight off. It has four different phases. During the first phase, the patient is introduced to a modified ketogenic diet. The idea behind this diet is that mostly proteins are consumed and carbohydrates are avoided. This brings the body to a state of ketosis, where the quantity of carbohydrates is not enough to fuel the body’s energy requirements. The body will start burning stored fat, which causes the body to lose stored fat and weight.

During the second phase, glycemic foods are now included in the diet but there are strict limitations on the amount of fat intake. The goal is to allow the body to get used to consuming regular quantities of healthy foods.

During the next phase, healthier carbohydrates are included in the diet but the weight loss adviser will regularly check to patient’s body weight to ensure that the weight loss program is on track. It should be noted that if during the first phase, the body weight attains a certain level of stability, some carbohydrates may be reintroduced into the diet. The weight loss counselor will be monitoring the patient’s weight to ensure that the target weight will be reached. And in the final phase, the patient will keep monitoring his or her weight to ensure that the lost weight will not get back.

Meanwhile, the clinic has a five-star overall rating on Google and Yelp. In one Google review, Eddy H. said, “I had excellent results from the Phase I food plan. I moved into next phase after I lost 19 pounds. The Inbody test I take weekly shows me results immediately and the counselors are right there to guide me to the results I’m personally looking for. Also, I love the I food. It doesn’t taste like diet food which is very rewarding. It’s a great on the go snack! The ladies in the office are very professional, they care about my results and there’s so many different options to get the results you’re looking for. I’ve told many people if they want direct but very supportive help with their goals to go there.”

People who would like to know more about the weight loss programs or want to schedule a free consultation may want to go to the Options Medical Weight Loss – Chandler, AZ website, or contact them through the phone, or via email.


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