Champion Exteriors Offers Free Roof In New Jersey To A Family Or Person In Need

Champion Exteriors, based in Villas, New Jersey, is pleased to announce that they will be offering a free roof to a family or individual in their local community. The company has taken this initiative in response to the global pandemic and will be donating a roof in order to give back to their community. Learn more here:

The pandemic has affected many nations worldwide. Even for those who come from affluent neighborhoods, it has proved a challenge to address. Champion Exteriors is extending this offer of a free roof in order to help a person or family in need. Any member of the community may nominate a family in need, and the only stipulation from the company towards the nominator is that they leave their email and phone number as well. The company acknowledges that the current situation is difficult for most of the community and that many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The only requirements for a nominee is that the house must be over 15 years old.

Whether a project involves multi-million dollar homes on the Shore or quaint abodes along the Main Line, Champion Exteriors replaces all styles of residential roofs. They strive to ensure that their community is safe and covered, and this attitude is reflected in the company’s initiative to give back to their community. For more than 80 years, Champion Exteriors has worked hard to install the highest quality materials with superior craftsmanship on all projects. The size of the project has never been an issue to the team. Learn more here:

The goal of Champion Exteriors is to make sure that a client’s home is properly covered with a roof that meets both their aesthetic and functional needs. Champion can replace a home’s entire roof even if it is damaged beyond repair. The company’s skilled team will recommend full roof replacement if it is the safer and more affordable option over singular roof repairs. The team will also conduct a full roof inspection (including the use of thermal imaging scanners to detect possible leaks). Champion Exteriors is prepared to work with all types of budgets when it comes to roofing projects. There are several options the company can provide to re-cover an existing roof. Re-covering a roof is highly cost-effective and safer for the home in the long run. As Champion Exteriors is a certified installer, the company has many warranty options that come with a re-covered roof. The company’s process of re-covering an existing commercial roof minimizes any impact on a home. Learn more here:

In some cases, emergency roof repairs or replacements are necessary to keep a client’s home safe and habitable. This is why Champion Exteriors offers 24-hour emergency roof repair. The company can also provide siding repair and replacement. As an experienced roof replacement contractor, their expert services will ensure that any client’s roof is safe and secure. If an emergency is in the middle of a storm, the team will wait until the storm subsides and then mobilize in a quick fashion. In most cases, there is nothing a team can reasonably do when there's high wind, heavy rain and lightning during a storm. If the roof damage is caused by a fire, the team would mobilize and attempt to bring the structure back to a water-tight condition. The company also handles all manners of commercial roofing as well. Clients who wish to have their roof assessed may approach Champion Exteriors for a free roof inspection.

Champion Exteriors has always been focused on providing excellent customer service and prompt project delivery. This quality is what sets them apart from other New Jersey roofing companies. Their team stands behind everything they install because they believe in the quality their roofing contractors can deliver. In January 1936, George Frame Jr. started West Wildwood Roofing, which through many successful years in business has transformed into what is known today as Champion Exteriors. The home improvement and roofing company is now one of the largest roofing and siding outfits in South Jersey. In their many years of experience, the crew has handled all types of materials, and their methods will continue to evolve as more advanced technology is introduced to this industry.

To learn more about Champion Exteriors, one may visit their website and official social media channels. The team can also be contacted via phone and email.


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