Chalet Dental Care Reveals the Common Dental Emergencies in St Paul

Chalet Dental Care, a dental clinic in St Paul, MN, has revealed the top 5 common dental emergencies in St Paul through a new blog post. A dental emergency is any dental problem that needs immediate treatment in order to stop any bleeding, relieve intense pain, or save a tooth. It may also include other severe infections that can be life-threatening. When experiencing symptoms that appear to be a dental emergency, it is vital to contact and see a dentist as soon as possible. The mentioned blog post can be accessed at

The first common dental emergency encountered is knocked out or loose teeth. Understandably, this usually occurs when a person experiences a forceful impact on the face near the vicinity of the mouth. Those who have a loose tooth are advised to try and keep the tooth in its socket by biting down and holding it in place while rushing to the dentist. According to the American Association of Endodontists, it is possible for a dentist to reinsert and preserve a knocked-out tooth if immediate action is taken after the incident. It is important to handle a knocked-out tooth by the crown area and gently rinse it without scrubbing it. It may then be placed in a cup or glass of milk and then brought along when going to the dentist.


The second common type of dental emergency is a toothache. When the toothache is intense, sudden, and becomes progressively worse, it is advisable to contact and visit a dentist as early as possible. The patient may apply a cold compress or ice on the area to ease the pain and discomfort before getting to the dentist’s office.

The third common type of dental emergency is a cracked or chipped tooth. This may happen when biting on hard objects or after getting involved in an accident. Those who tend to clench or grind their teeth are more susceptible to having cracks or chips. It is advisable to wash the cracked or chipped tooth with warm water to clean the mouth and then apply a cold compress to the face to minimize swelling. If there are any tooth fragments, these can be preserved in a cup of milk and brought along when going to the dentist. More information about the procedures offered at Chalet Dental Care can be seen on their website page Services.

The fourth common type of dental emergency is an abscessed tooth. A dental abscess is a severe and potentially life-threatening condition and is caused by a pocket of pus inside the tooth that has caused an infection. Symptoms of a dental abscess include: tender lymph nodes in the neck, fever, tooth sensitivity, bumps similar to pimples on the gums where there is a tooth infection, persistent toothache, and swelling in the face. This is a dental emergency because the infection may spread to the jaws, neighboring tissues, and other parts of the body. Warm water with salt can be used to rinse the mouth and help draw out the pus and relieve the pain while en route to the dentist.

The fifth dental emergency is jaw pain or a broken jaw. Those who have jaw pain or a broken jaw will need to call their dentist or go to the emergency room of their local hospital. They can put ice on the face to minimize the swelling and also take some prescribed pain medication to reduce the pain. It is not advisable to eat solid food before going to the dentist or to the emergency room of a hospital because this will only make the pain worse.

Other dental emergencies to be aware of are: gum disease; tooth decay; mouth sores; injury to the tongue, or other soft tissue of the mouth; and lost dental care work. When experiencing a dental emergency, people will have to call their dentist first, especially if it is during business hours. Those who are unable to reach their dentist outside normal hours may rush to their local emergency room or urgent care center for intense pain or injuries to the mouth.

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