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Carlsbad, California based Candice Gerlach, CPA is pleased to announce that she is offering a wide range of professional services that include auditing, strategic tax planning, accounting services and more. Gerlach is an experienced, certified public accountant in Carlsbad and fraud examiner. She graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and is also an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She has close to 20 years of experience as a certified public accountant, working with hundreds of clients on various concerns, such as general accounting, strategic tax planning, audits and so on.

As noted on her website, Gerlach can provide her clients valuable financial guidance, be it for personal financial planning or corporate ventures. She, with her team, offers a wide range of personalized services based on each client’s individual requirements.

She offers general accounting services, tracks income, creates reports and plans for expenses relating to her clients’ businesses. Gerlach digs deep to understand her clients’ businesses as much as her clients do and simplifies their financial concerns. She also handles the detailed account management that helps make her clients’ businesses successful. These actions not only help business owners make better informed decisions but also aids them in communicating effectively with customers, investors and regulators.

In addition, Gerlach assists her clients with strategic tax planning, a service that most certified public accountants are not qualified to offer because of their limited knowledge of the tax code. Most accountants focus only on historical record keeping instead of taking a proactive approach and planning for their clients’ future needs. This minimizes their effectiveness in making the tax code work in their clients’ favor. This is not a concern with Candice Gerlach, CPA. She has 20 years of experience in all areas of public accounting, financial statement preparation, audits, tax compliance and white-collar crime. This gives her the skill and experience needed to allow clients to take full advantage of the tax code. She is also able to spot issues before they become huge problems.

Gerlach can also be entrusted with the handling of financial income statements. Financial income statements provide clients with a detailed list of all expenses, so by tracking revenues and expenses, she is able to assess the operating performance of her clients’ businesses on a regular basis. Clients benefit greatly from her assistance in controlling tax liabilities as well as her ability to determine how much profit each section of a client’s businesses brings in. She tracks product returns and the cost of sold goods, making sure her clients know the status of their businesses at all times.

Additionally, she provides expert testimonies and depositions. Her professional credibility is a huge asset that can greatly support her clients’ cases, whether personal or business-related. Gerlach has been the lead forensic accountant for several large national financial crimes, and the list of crimes for which she has been the lead forensic accountant includes a hundred-million dollar Ponzi scheme. She has a great deal of experience and is usually called upon to lend her accounting, auditing and investigative skills to examine questionable finances. She is comfortable in many roles, such as expert witness, consultant, trier of fact, special master, court-appointed expert, referee, arbitrator and mediator.

Other services provided include annual tax planning, quarterly tax planning, CFO services, estate planning, audits, reviews, financial compilations, forensic accounting and trust accounting. Due to her expertise in these fields, she has received great reviews from pleased clients.

Mark DiBenedetti says in a 5-Star Google review of Candice Gerlach, “I must write this review because I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Candice. I rarely have written a review but this is warranted. Candice has gone well over her job duties as a CPA to help me and my family. She is a true professional and excellent CPA. I have had a few CPAs in the past; none have been anywhere near Candice, and her work ethic and just plain help. I would highly, and I mean highly, recommend Candice as anybody's choice for a highly qualified CPA. I would like to thank her publicly for a super job done over the last few years. She is a quality person who deserves this shout out. Thanks, Candice!”

Clients who wish to learn more about Candice Gerlach, CPA and the services she offers are welcome to visit her official website to get started. Alternatively, those interested may connect with her via social media to stay up to date with her latest news and announcements.


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