Certified And Licensed Eagan Hypnotist Nicholas Craton Offers Hypnotherapy Services In Minneapolis And Saint Paul

Nicholas Craton, a certified and licensed hypnotist is offering hypnotherapy treatments for insomnia, smoking, weight loss, health, and addiction services around Minneapolis and the Saint Paul metro area. Nicholas is urging those who are in recovery or seeking hope for recovery from the aforementioned ailments to reach out for a free consultation.

Hypnosis is the use of verbal repetition and mental images to induce a trance-like mental state in a person. The result is a state of intense, heightened focus and concentration. According to Mayo Clinic, an American nonprofit focused on integrated patient care, education, and research, the mental processes of the person being hypnotized are altered. The subjects reportedly feel calm, relaxed, and are open to new suggestions that may help in breaking down mental barriers. It is recommended to practice hypnosis only under the careful observation of a therapist. The treatment is also referred to as Hypnotherapy or Hypnotic Suggestion.

Hypnotherapists claim that the treatment can be used to help patients gain control over their undesired behaviors. It is also claimed that it helps subjects cope better with anxiety or pain. During hypnosis, the patient’s mind becomes more open to suggestions that they would not usually entertain. To assuage any fears associated with this treatment, hypnotherapists repeatedly stress that the procedure does not lead to a patient losing control of their behavior. In a standard session, the therapist talks in a gentle, soothing tone and describes images that create a sense of relaxation, security, and well-being. Once the person reaches a receptive state, the therapist may make suggestions to let the patient gain better control over their thoughts and behavioral patterns. The therapist may also help the patient visualize vivid, meaningful mental images of the latter accomplishing their goals.

According to WebMD, hypnotherapy is effective against overcoming negative habits such as smoking and overeating. It is also effective in treating phobias, fears, anxiety, sleep disorders, pain control, depression, stress, post-trauma anxiety, and pain from grief or loss. It is also effective against certain behavioral disorders such as creative blocks, stage fright, sport-related failure under pressure, and many more. It may also be helpful for people who exhibit severe symptoms and are in the need of crisis management.

Nicholas Craton was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome at the age of 6. The loss of self-control over simple bodily actions at such a young age drove him to study the theory behind his disorder. This eventually blossomed into a love for psychology. Further down the road, he picked up a smoking habit that eventually caused great damage to his body. Learning from his struggles with his vices, inspired Nicholas Craton to start Today Hypnotherapy and to dedicate his practice to the health and well being of individuals suffering from the same lack of self-control.

When asked to elaborate on his mission, Nicholas Craton says, "I have been through all the struggles that most of my clients are going through. I am not a stranger to their pain. It is the compassion I feel for individuals who struggle with substance abuse that compels me. I want to deliver the same liberating feeling of freedom that sobriety brings to my clients. There is no other achievement in life that holds a candle to conquering one's afflictions. My mission is to share that with everyone who needs it."

Nicholas Craton received his Diploma in Hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) which is a nationally accredited school of hypnotherapy. He has also been certified as a professional member of the American Hypnosis Association (AHA). He has also been certified from the AHA in the specialties of Hypnosis and Pain Management, Hypnosis and Weight Loss, Hypnosis and Sports Performance, Trauma Recovery, and Smoking Cessation. He is also a Certified Master Hypnotist from the Hypnotherapists Union.

Interested customers can find out more about the organization on its website at https://www.todayhypno.com/. The website has a contact form to book a free consultation. Those who prefer a phone call can reach them at +1-651-256-4153.


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