Cerec Crown Cost and Other Details of the Procedure Discussed by the Acacia Dental Group

The Acacia Dental Group of Philip, Australian Capital Territory takes great pride in being as progressive a dental practice as possible. This includes providing cosmetic and general dental treatments that make use of the best available dental technologies. A perfect example of this is what this dental practice calls its Cerec crown technology. This advanced onsite crown-making technology has changed what normally would be a crown application process that takes place over several weeks into one that’s completed in just a single visit.

Acacia Dental Group co-owner, Dr. Sirisha Yalamanchili, says, “In the days before cosmetic dentistry technology like Cerec, patients would need to wait for weeks to have their dental crowns placed. The process involved two separate appointments: in the first, the dentist would shape your tooth down and take an impression, which would then be sent to a lab for your dental crown to be created. You would then be fitted for a temporary dental crown while you waited, possibly for weeks, until your second visit, where your temporary crown would be removed and the final dental crown would be bonded to the remnants of your natural tooth. All that time, effort, and expense are no longer necessary since we added our Cerec Dental Crown Machine.”

Dr. Yalamanchili went on to talk about how the technology works. She said that it basically involves using a machine that makes a 3D digital image of a patient’s broken tooth. From this, they design the patient’s highly accurate ceramic restoration. The machine creates a durable and natural-looking crown that is ready to be put in place in about an hour. After the image is taken by the Cerec crown machine, she or another dentist that does the procedure will even go over the image of the soon-to-be-created crown with the patient and ask them if they have any questions or concerns. There are many benefits to getting the Cerec Crown procedure done. According to the Acacia Dental Group’s co-owner, this includes having a crown that looks and feels almost indistinguishable from the patient’s natural teeth, a crown that offers biocompatibility and durability, and is also very resistant to staining. It will also preserve the remaining tooth and help keep it from breaking any further.

As far as the cost of the Cerec Crown procedure, Dr. Yalamanchili says that there are many factors involved in this since it’s not a one-size-fits-all dental treatment. This has to do with such things as the size of the crown, the difficulty in shaping it, and how difficult it is to place in the patient’s mouth. She added that all of this can be gone over in a free consultation. Something that they are more than happy to do when someone who needs a dental crown is searching for a ‘Cerec dentist near me’.

Acacia Dental Group’s co-owner also talked about how they do many different types of general and cosmetic dentistry besides their Cerec Crown procedures. This includes cleanings, root canal therapy, Invisalign braces, tooth extractions, bridges, fillings, veneers, and emergency dental services.

Patients that have received treatments from the Acacia Dental Group speak very highly of that experience. Melynda Genrich stated in her 5-star review, “I would highly recommend visiting here if you are looking for an excellent, caring, professional, and friendly dental clinic. Thank you, Dr. Sirisha and team.” In another glowing review, Bev Wood, wrote, “I find Acacia first class, professional, caring and attentive. My recent emergency was assessed and major dental work was completed in much less time than I expected. They not only fit me into their busy schedule but follow-up calls about my well-being were appreciated. All well done, with the aid of marvelous technology. Highly recommend.”

For those in the Canberra area that would like to know more about Cerec Crown Cost or any other questions or concerns about this specialized treatment can reach this dental group by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘Book a Free Consultation’ form that’s found on their website.


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