Central Texas Spine Institute Treats Degenerative Disc Disease With Lumbar Fusion

Austin, Texas based Central Texas Spine Institute PLLC is pleased to report that they are treating degenerative disc disease with lumbar fusion. The private medical practice, which ranks among the best spine centers across the entirety of the United States, offers comprehensive spine care that includes diagnostic services, conservative treatment modalities, non-invasive back pain therapies and more.

As explained by the Central Texas Spine Institute, degenerative disc disease is a condition that occurs when one or more of the discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column deteriorates or breaks down, subsequently leading to pain. Issues like weakness, numbness and pain that radiates down the leg may manifest with degenerative disc disease. However, it must be noted that, despite the name, degenerative disc disease is in fact not actually a disease, but rather a natural occurrence that comes with aging.

Central Texas Spine Institute PLLC

Dr. Randall F. Dryer, the award-winning spine surgeon in charge of the Central Texas Spine Institute, says, “There are rubbery, flexible discs between your vertebrae, and when you are young, these discs allow you to bend and flex your back, almost acting like shock absorbers. However, much like shock absorbers, they get worn over time. As a result, they won’t offer you the same protection they used to. This is the condition that we call degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease can seriously impact a person’s quality of living, which is why we are glad to say that treatments such as lumbar fusion exist — they allow us to help those who are suffering with degenerative disc disease.”

During the lumbar fusion procedure, an orthopedic surgeon will remove a part of the damaged disc and place two temporary spacers that realign the spine and take the pressure off of the nerve root. These spacers are carefully replaced with two metal cages that thread into the bone matter of the two vertebrae. The cages are packed with morselized bone grafts, which are tiny particles of the patient’s own bone matter. The bone graft will grow through the holes in the cage, fusing with the bone in both vertebrae to form a bridge made of solid bone.

Central Texas Spine Institute PLLC has made a very positive impression on their patients, as is evident from their reviews. On their GMB listing, they have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars from over 200 reviews. Kevin Boissonneault says in his 5-Star review “I provided him with an MRI on my lower back. He was detailed in his discussion about the problem I was having. Did an epidural steroid injection in my back. I feel 100% again. My wife has to remind me to slow down but after several years of pain, it is so nice to be pain free again. Great doctor. I recommend Dr. Dryer if you are having lower back pain. He was the 4th doctor I had gone to, wish he would have been my first!”

In another review, Bren Carr writes, “I have suffered from chronic neck pain for over 25 years, due in part to my chosen profession, dentistry. I have spent the last 25 years searching for an answer. I’ve tried chiropractic, medications, massage and gimmick traction devices without lasting results. I choose a physician based on results only. Three different people in my small town had good results with Dr. Dryer. His name kept coming up. I found him to be on time, professional and backed by a very dedicated and friendly team. After reviewing my MRI with Dr. Dryer, I was satisfied that surgery was long overdue. I had 3 level ACDF surgery last week. I was shocked to be pain free upon waking from surgery. Why did I wait so long? I can recommend Dr. Dryer and his team without reservation. Just do it!”


Those who want to learn more about Central Texas Spine Institute PLLC and their services are welcome to visit the clinic’s website to get started. Central Texas Spine Institute also maintains a Facebook page where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Dr. Randall F. Dryer directly via email or phone. Alternatively, the clinic can also be reached through the contact form on their website.


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