CDMG Releases New Blog Post That Details The Benefits Of Having Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings In Winter

CDMG, an engineering and building supply company from Pennsylvania, has released a new blog post about the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings to combat the harsh realities of the winter months. The blog post lists 5 compelling reasons to make its case for steel buildings in winter.

The first reason that the blog post mentions is the pest-proof nature of the metal buildings. In traditional wooden structures, insects like termites and carpenter ants and small animals like rodents and birds might feed on or use the structure as a way to escape the cold. The blog post says that steel buildings do not have these problems due to the nature of their construction and the underlying material.

A metal building can help keep energy costs down

The second reason that the blog states is the possibility of moving the pre-engineered metallic structure to warmer weather. The blog post says that pre-engineered metal buildings are made of components that are attached to the installation site with fasteners. These fasteners can be easily removed and reinstalled at the new location, wherever that may be. The ability to move whenever required, also means that the owners only have to invest in a metallic building once.

The third reason that the blog post cites is the reduction in power bills as metal buildings don’t allow heat exchange with the outdoor weather. Due to less heat being dissipated outside, heating bills remain under control in metal buildings. Metal roofing is also specifically designed to keep the structure warm and also reduce condensation build-up. This also helps to keep maintenance costs under control.

The fourth reason that the article cites is the plethora of design options available to those looking to purchase a metal building compared to a traditional wooden structure. Depending on the weather in the region of the country where the business will be built, designs can be customized to meet specific requirements. The article gives an example of a metal building with a low ceiling to make its point about custom designs. Low ceiling structures have lower energy costs as the warm, comfortable air will settle closer to the floor. This is in contrast to buildings with vaulted ceilings where the air rises, robbing the people of warmth and comfort.

The final reason that the article mentions is the superior insulation that metal buildings come equipped with. The insulation in a steel building will control the heat flow, prevent condensation, and control exterior noise. In the wintertime, proper insulation controls the heat transfer rate in a metal building. The insulation will slow the movement of heat and keep it inside the building. Some insulation can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of light fixtures, saving businesses more money on energy costs. The vapor retarder of blanket insulation will also prevent the formation of condensation. A metal building will also dampen the noise from the outside by absorbing the reverberations inside.

CDMG claims to be one of the nation’s foremost engineering companies serving industrial markets and customers. It was established in 1991, and its main office is located in Southpointe (20 miles south of Pittsburgh). It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the STEVENS family of companies. According to a spokesperson for the company, Thomas Corry, “CDMG employs a staff of experienced multi-discipline engineers and project management professionals. CDMG provides the resources to design and manage projects with a focus on efficient operations. Our goal is to always deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the highest level of quality. For those considering a metal building as their next home, CDMG offers all the expertise needed to deliver a high quality, custom-designed building at industry-low prices. Our partnership with Nucor ensures you get a durable building that can withstand anything winter throws at it.”

Interested customers can reach out to the company at (724) 330-4799. The website also features a contact form to request information. The company’s office is located at Southpointe Industrial Park, 150 Technology Drive, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317.


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