CDMG Prefab Steel Buildings Are Perfect For Aviation Hangars

Pennsylvania-based CDMG Metal Buildings is a leader in the design and construction of prefabricated metal buildings. The metal building kit supplier underlines the importance of a sturdy and customized aircraft hangar to extend the life of the airplane. CDMG provides prefabricated metal aviation hangars for aircraft that are a class apart from traditional buildings.

“Deadlines are key for aviation projects,” states the Pennsylvania prefab metal building kit supplier, emphasizing the importance of meeting timelines to avoid costly construction delays. The CDMG team of steel building contractors puts the client’s needs, budget, and timeframe on top to customize a high-quality, durable metal facility that will provide exceptional and long-lasting value.

CDMG metal buildings make the best airplane hangars

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Prefabricated steel buildings make exceptional metal shops, caster buildings, crane buildings, warehouses, compressor stations, industrial offices, and process enclosures.

As a subsidiary of STEVENS, CDMG offers full-service supply, engineering, project management, and construction needs for pre-engineered metal hangars that fit the client’s needs and comply with IAS and MBMA guidelines. From ensuring the metal building has the correct utilities installed to providing an aviation hangar that meets all codes and regulations, the metal building supplier is the single source destination for metal buildings.

Stressing the importance of choosing metal buildings for aircraft hangars, the leading prefab metal building kit supplier in Pennsylvania explains that steel hangars are sustainable and require less repair and maintenance work. When it comes to constructing a hangar, CDMG explains, “You have to consider maintenance, longevity, and energy consumption.”

Metal building hangars offer significant durability, protecting airplanes from natural elements that can damage them significantly. A prefabricated metal building hangar may be designed with stacking, rolling, and bi-fold, says CDMG, which offers innovative and economical solutions to meet client needs.

The top Pennsylvania prefab metal building construction company is a leader in construction and material handling using cutting-edge bridge cranes that efficiently move and handle aircraft.

What sets CDMG apart from the competition is the use of 3D BIM software that gives clients a tour of the building during the inception stage, even before a single step of construction has begun.

Building Information Modeling software is an excellent tool for metal builders, contractors, architects, and engineers to efficiently “Detail, design, manufacture, and construct steel buildings,” says Thomas Corry, Metal Building Division Manager. CDMG leverages this tool to generate and collect building data throughout the project's life cycle, ensuring peace of mind for clients whose metal hangar is as per schedule and expectation.

The Pennsylvania metal building kit provider explains that visual representation of the worksite helps identify conflicts among the architectural, structural, and MEP systems during the design phase, which boosts productivity. CDMG prides itself on its efficient tools and a professional workforce dedicated to delivering the best construction projects for clients.

The top pre-engineered metal kit supplier provides a digital copy of the completed project model to clients, which can be used for operation and maintenance purposes for the life of the hangar.

CDMG operates by the Nucor FOCUS to deliver successful projects on time, complying with all safety regulations. The top aviation steel building contractor values its customers and the environment with a focus on using 100% recycled steel.

CDMG is dedicated to providing clients with an exceptional pre-engineered steel hangar to serve all aviation needs. Those looking for the best aviation steel building partner can trust CDMG and connect with the metal building kit supplier on its website.


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