Cdmg Offers Tips To Make Exterior Of Metal Buildings More Appealing

CDMG has released an article about how to make prefabricated metal buildings more attractive. According to CDMG, the construction process involves countless decisions. "You have to decide where you're going to build, how big it's going to be, how eco-friendly it's going to be, and how you're going to insulate it, among many other things. Deciding which customization options and components will be included in your steel building system ultimately comes down to functionality and aesthetic appeal."

CDMG shares a few tips to lower energy bills by choosing paint for the roof that will add to its appeal while repelling sunlight. They suggest picking a color or siding materials that will enhance the building's appeal for the exterior.

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Have Numerous Siding Options

Corrugated metal siding tops CDMG's list of siding options. The CDMG prefers this 26-gauge metal siding option for the ease of installation, variety of color choices, and strength, making it powerful enough to stand tall against the various types of inclement weather. Steel buildings with corrugated siding have become a widely popular option after their strength and durability have proven effective against storms compared to traditional building materials.

CDMG puts GenStone on the list as a second option that gives the look of an authentic stone, rock, or brick at a fraction of the cost. Easy to install, adds CDMG, the hand-painted GenStone "comes as a combination of panels and accessories," which create an upscale look for the exterior of pre-engineered metal buildings.

Stucco comes in at a close third on the CDMG list of impressive metal building exteriors. There are three ways to use stucco for exteriors. Stucco Flex is an economical option with a spray-on stucco applied directly over the siding for a flat look.

Insulated Stucco Panels come in a range of colors and "provide a generous insulation R-Value for your metal building, as well as the rugged stucco finish." Traditional Stucco is a preferred choice for those interested in a stucco finish typical of residential structures. With the traditional stucco, "steel building walls can be left open for construction by others. Sometimes this will require a spandrel beam, which will increase your costs," adds CDMG.

Another widely popular option on the list is wood siding for those who aren't too keen on the ordinary siding on steel buildings but want the look of a traditional wooden structure. The leading engineering company in the US suggests, "Shiplap siding can be applied to your pre-engineered metal building in the same way you'd apply traditional stucco. You leave the perimeter open for construction by others."

CDMG also shares the idea of combining siding options if someone does not want to settle with one, adding, "It's not uncommon to combine options like GenStone and Stucco or traditional metal siding with stucco." When siding materials are combined, this creates a compelling mixture of textures that adds curb appeal and a professional look to the building.

Metal building systems can feature just about any siding material that a business owner can dream of, but it's important to plan. With all the choices available for steel buildings, the siding chosen can help increase the curb appeal that will helps businesses stand out.

CDMG has earned the reputation for being the top name in the business for its durable, affordable, and appealing prefabricated constructions. Those looking to build a metal building can contact CDMG via their website.


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