CDMG Metal Buildings, Can Handle Any Size of Steel Buildings

The top steel building contractor in Pennsylvania, CDMG, shares its expertise in picking the right size for a pre-engineered steel building. The top pre-engineered metal building company explains that there are no standard sizes or models for metal building kits. Customers can get their steel structures designed to their specifications while meeting local building codes.

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Our pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed to your specific needs

CDMG explains that a pre-engineered metal building is a self-supporting structure with the flexibility to choose the interior layout. In Pennsylvania, the metal building kit supplier warns that it would be a mistake to stick to a preconceived floor plan when it comes to designing a prefabricated metal building. A metal structure offers clients the flexibility to scale the unit as their business grows over a period of time.

The best pre-engineered metal building contractor cautions against measuring a steel building like a traditional unit, adding that the size depends on the use of the building. The size will vary, depending on the purpose the building will need to serve, states CDMG.

They explain the different types of widths for steel buildings. A warehouse will have a different width than a sports recreational facility or an aviation hanger, states CDMG. Similarly, the height of a steel building also depends on its utility. While some steel units are low-rise, such as large prefab steel fulfillment warehouses, others need to maximize as much height as possible. According to CDMG, “The height of a steel building is measured to the top of the eave, not the ceiling's peak.” The Pennsylvania steel construction contractor explains that steel buildings have unlimited length constrictions and are easy to expand in the future. The expansion, states CDMG, is not expensive and requires the addition of more framing bays.

The experienced steel building company suggests opting for load-bearing end walls on the original structure to make expansion easier. CDMG lists different components of a steel building, including rafters, columns, and an expandable frame, that play a key role in the expansion of the steel structure.

CDMG is a leader in the Pennsylvania steel building construction industry, which designs, customizes, and erects pre-engineered metal buildings. They have extensive experience with prefabricated metal building design, project management, and construction management to assist their clients from start to finish of their metal building projects.

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