CDMG Metal Building Company Explains How Easy Steel Buildings Additions Are

Based in Pennsylvania, CDMG is a global leader in the steel construction industry. The PA-based steel building erector explains how easy it is to expand a pre-engineered metal building. “Steel building additions are cost-effective and easy to implement,” says Thomas Corry, metal building division manager. The leading Pennsylvania metal building erector states that all steel buildings are expandable, allowing a business to start small and upgrade as it grows.

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CDMG Metal Buildings can help you with your metal building addition

Pre-engineered metal buildings, states CDMG, are highly durable and can withstand the vagaries of weather, adding that budget-friendly steel buildings are the most reliable construction materials available. These are many of the reasons that metal buildings are perfect for aviation hangars, distribution warehouses, or recreational facilities. According to the top metal building construction company, steel is available in different color & roof designs and dimension possibilities.

CDMG uses top-grade Nucor steel, which is fire and pest resistant. The PA metal construction company emphasizes on location, land, and local considerations for considering expansion of a metal building. If the location is quite appealing, there is no harm in expanding the steel unit. Another factor on the CDMG list is the availability of land. The steel building erector asks, “Do you own enough land for your add-on, and if not, can you acquire the land you need? If you answer no to any of those questions, it will be difficult to expand your current business. But if you have the necessary land, a metal building expansion will be pretty straightforward.”

The Pennsylvania steel building supplier stresses the importance of getting local building permits for addition or expansion from the local zoning and planning commission to ensure there are no restrictions for extensions.

The top metal builder says that expansion is a cost-effective way to make a building bigger. The higher the roofline, the wider the expansion of the lean-to and addition of more bays. “To open the bay and keep your space open, all you have to do is remove the wall panels and some girts.” With the new roofing and end walls, the job is done.

CDMG explains the difference between adding length and adding width. The top PA steel building supplier notes that the new addition cannot be directly added to the original frame in a post and beam construction. “You have to start as an entirely new end wall that's placed right next to the end wall of your existing building.”

CDMG explains how a building can be expanded by the addition of extra bays to the back, suggesting getting the job done by experts with experience in specialty framing techniques.

CDMG suggests removing or shoring up girts and purlins for buildings without an appropriate moment-resistant frame and adding a new spanning moment-resistant frame.

Those looking to expand their metal building with the best PA metal building supplier should contact CDMG via their website. CDMG leverages top-grade, recyclable steel and construction steel building components ready to assemble for quick erection of the prefabricated steel building at the client’s site.


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