CDMG Metal Building Company Explains Difference of Prefabricated Metal Buildings for Residential and Industrial Buildings

CDMG, the leader in the pre-engineered metal buildings industry, shares its expertise in pre-engineered steel building constructions that are pre-cut, pre-punched, and prefabricated as per the client's design specifications off-site in a factory and assembled at the project site. The top metal building company in Pennsylvania designs durable, cost-effective buildings compared to their traditional building materials.

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The top pre-engineered metal building supplier can help you with your metal building project

CDMG designs custom-engineered steel structures, which are ideal for, warehouses, medical offices, restaurants, and industrial facilities. The CDMG pre-engineered steel constructions are low maintenance, which keeps costs down over the building's lifetime.

The pre-engineered metal building company is a leader in industrial steel building constructions. CDMG explains that a pre-engineered metal building construction has many design options, unlike the traditional stick-built structures that have design restrictions.

"Clear-span construction with steel eliminates the need for interior load-bearing walls. This results in a truly open interior space for you to customize and finish based on your needs and desires," says Tom Corry, Metal Building Division Leader.

Energy-efficiency and low-maintenance are other features that give steel buildings an advantage over other construction materials. The Pennsylvania metal building company explains that steel constructions are not prone to pest infestation or typical weather elements, and these buildings can withstand some natural disasters.

Emphasizing the importance of pre-engineered metal buildings for industrial units, CDMG explains that constructions shine in the commercial and industrial sectors for their long lifespan and low maintenance.

The top steel building company in Canonsburg, PA, leverages the latest BIM 3D technology to design energy-efficient prefabricated metal buildings that are easy to adapt to specific design needs.

"Your metal building can be designed to just about any desired dimension, allowing you to have an optimal solution that matches your specific needs," states Corry. The pre-engineered metal builder can customize steel buildings for the exact location, considering different site-specific factors, such as wind, snow, seismic activity, and natural disasters.

Anybody interested in pre-engineered metal building construction for their next project should choose CDMG for its extensive experience in prefabricated steel building design and construction and project management.

Working with CDMG is an opportunity to team up with the expertise, quality, and commitment of metal building planning and management. CDMG prides itself on being the leader in the supply, engineering, and construction of steel building units in Pennsylvania.

The wholly-owned subsidiary of the Stevens company boasts an extensive range of resources to take on the next big project in metal constructions. Anybody looking for help with their next industrial pre-engineered metal building project can contact CDMG via their website.


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