CDMG Discusses Utility Options for Prefabricated Metal Buildings

After their recent article comparing the pros and cons of prefab metal buildings and wood buildings, Pennsylvania-based CDMG has released another article explaining how utilities can easily fit in prefabricated steel buildings. The prefab metal building supply company is a subsidiary of the STEVENS family of companies, offering full-service, multi-discipline engineering, project management, and construction management services. Prefab metal buildings are easy to customize, durable, and eco-friendly. CDMG explains how commercial metal buildings can be designed with utilities.

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“Running a power line and plumbing to your new metal building is a great way to make it more useful as metal garages, storage buildings, agricultural buildings, or a manufacturing facility,” the metal building supplier explains.

The top engineering and building supply company in Pennsylvania designs customized steel buildings with utilities, catering to clients' needs. CDMG is a leader in designing pre-engineered metal buildings for offices, sports facilities, warehouses, churches, aviation hangers, among others. The steel building kit supplier suggests laying underground utility connections before starting with the construction of the metal building.

CDMG talks about the benefits of installing underground utilities first to avoid problems later, which involve cutting into the metal sliding to accommodate the equipment. “Unless you are skilled in this area yourself, make sure you have an electrician or plumber visit the site before the installation if you need electricity or water for your metal building,” they state.

CDMG emphasizes preparing the site by placing utilities before pouring the foundation of the metal building. The top Pennsylvania metal building systems company ensures that these steps are taken care of before the construction begins.

CDMG lists a few important aspects before selecting the building site. This includes drainage, so water flows away easily and “buildings around the site don't interfere with the drainage system.”

Another important factor is the weather, states the top metal building company in Pennsylvania, adding, “You also need to understand how wind, rain, sun, snow, and the surroundings will affect your completed steel building.”

Emphasizing the need for compliance with building codes, CDMG states that it is important to ensure that the construction does not interfere with any existing utility.

“Once you find a site where everything will meet the building codes, and the site is planned properly, you can streamline the construction process, you're ready to move on to the next step,” says Tom Corry, Metal Building Division Manager

The engineering and building supplier explains the importance of site preparation to ensure the construction of the pre-engineered steel buildings goes smoothly, leaving no room for any structural or foundational issues. “Your pre-engineered steel building contractor will suggest the necessary base for your building,” Tom says, which, when complete, lays the groundwork for the construction phase.

Anybody wanting to begin a metal building project should get in touch with Pennsylvania's best metal building company. CDMG prides itself on its vast knowledge and extensive experience in the metal building industry, which is fast surpassing traditional construction in terms of efficiency, durability, sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics.

“There isn't much a traditional building can do that a metal building can't. Custom metal buildings actually do more,” says Tom Corry.

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