CDMG Discusses Metal Building Recycling Steps

Metal building company, CDMG, has released a detailed article emphasizing the sustainable characteristic of metal buildings. According to the top metal building company, steel is the most recycled material in the United States. That's one of the reasons it's a popular choice for metal medical buildings. The article lists the top ways to recycle metal; adding scrap steel is more valuable than any other recycled material. This starts with the collection and separating of steel from different materials.

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The Pennsylvania steel building kit supplier explains that the metal from old buildings goes through the recycling process.

The processing of old steel structures is done to shred the metal and make the melting process easier as small shredded metals have a large surface-to-volume ratio. Recycled steel is then converted to steel blocks. The next step is melting the steel in a large furnace designed to melt different types of steel or other metal materials. According to the leading supplier of metal building kits in Pennsylvania, this part of the recycling process requires the most energy but is still significantly better than adding to landfills.

The next step is the purification process to develop a high-quality final recycled product without any contaminants. CDMG lists solidifying as the next step in the recycling of steel when the melted metal is cooled and solidified on a conveyor belt and formed into specific shapes.

The final stage is the transportation of steel to various factories for use as raw material. According to the top Pennsylvania metal building company, recycling of steel has various environmental benefits as the recycled metal is kept out of landfills. Recycling old steel is an important way to reduce greenhouse emissions. The article explains how recycling steel involves less use of energy than the production of a new structural steel element.

The top metal building supplier in Pennsylvania adds economic benefits to the metal recycling list, stating that the industry provides substantial employment opportunities. Project owners can make considerable savings by reducing project disposal costs, transportation costs, and the cost of new construction materials as scrap metal can be recycled on-site.

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