CDMG Discuss Their Design-Build Capabilities

Pennsylvania-based Industrial Engineering Firm CDMG has recently highlighted its design-build services.

Many industries are seeing firsthand the value of the design/build model. CDMG states how this integrated service can improve the design process efficiency, reduce costs, shorten construction schedules, and minimize the risk involved with the project.


CDMG states that finding the right design-build partner will help businesses have a more efficient project with lower costs, faster delivery, and less overall risk.

The industrial engineering company also says how the design-build offers more advantages than the design-bid-build method.

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One of the reasons design-build is better is that it simplifies the process for business owners. Often the business owners or stakeholders of the project have to contact multiple companies to handle different aspects of the project. CDMG states that it is always beneficial to have multiple offers to ensure that the project is being priced correctly, but having that many people handling different aspects of the same project can cause communication breakdowns.

These breakdowns can lead to longer schedules and increased costs.

Another benefit of the design-build method is the logistics of the entire project. CDMG says that having multiple companies or project managers on the same project can cause delays and create log jams causing costs to increase and the project to take longer than needed.

The company also wants to highlight that this method isn't just for building entirely new facilities. This process works with many projects, such as expanding an existing structure, renovating industrial facilities, or many other projects.

Design-build services are quickly becoming the chosen method for companies that need new projects done quickly and cost-effectively. The engineering firm says that easier communication, shorter construction schedules, better cost-efficiency, and an overall smoother process are all benefits that make the design-build the ideal solution for companies choosing new projects.

CDMG has a proven track record in helping companies simplify their projects using the design-build method to ensure that the projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Whatever the required approach, CDMG is adept at managing the project in coordination with its contractor partners, improving the constructability and operability of the facility in the earliest stages of the design process.

Those looking to partner with a design-build company to manage the entire project can contact CDMG via their website.


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