CDMG Construction Management Specialists Offer Tips To Shorten A Construction Project

CDMG, an engineering and pre-engineered metal building supply company from Pennsylvania, has posted a new blog post entitled, “How To Shorten Your Construction Project.” A delayed construction project can have a ripple effect of problems. Proper construction management is crucial to completing a project sooner than expected, which translates to lower overall construction costs. Scheduling delays have a serious effect on completion deadlines and the bottom line, which may also cause going over budget.

CDMG shares simple ways to shorten construction projects. The right start to a construction project is to establish the scope first, according to the metal building supplier, to reduce non-productive time. This ensures complete prior understanding of the project scope, design, and high-level requirements, says the CDMG, adding, “When this happens, your team can hit the ground running, and they are productive from day one.”

CDMG can help keep your construction on schedule

Planning is important to the construction schedule and when the focus is on saving time, it all comes down to efficiency. By focusing on improving planning, measuring out all details beforehand, construction companies can reduce errors and decrease inefficiency, which could otherwise slow down productivity. “If you don't do your homework and measure out all the details beforehand, you will run into problems down the road.” CDMG suggests devoting time to proper construction management before beginning the project to figure out requirements for equipment, information, staff, processes, and materials.

The weather may also influence project completion time, according to the CDMG, which emphasizes planning for the weather ahead of time and adjusting the construction schedule accordingly. “If you live in an area prone to heavy snow in the winter, project managers should plan the project schedule around the weather you'll be expecting. During the bitter cold winter months, you can aim to do most of your work indoors.” Scheduling construction projects around the weather opens up an array of opportunities for builders and can help spot problems and delays quickly.

The PA metal building supplier stresses the need for constant communication with team members to eliminate unnecessary delays. Simultaneously, CDMG emphasizes enrolling experienced and properly trained workers who can spot potential problems and keep the managers updated on the project progress.

Less is more, states CDMG, when working on a size-able commercial project, adding, “Having too many workers in the same space can actually reduce efficiency. Team members will be running into each other, and some workers just don't work well in crowded areas. That's why it is essential to find the sweet spot for the size of the staff you need for your project.”

When two people can efficiently complete the project, having 10 does not make sense and might rather slow it down, cautions the construction and metal building supplier, while emphasizing on having both a seasoned veteran and a rookie on each type of project. A more established team of workers is needed for projects requiring a high level of experience. For budget projects, a smaller, more agile team should work equally efficiently.

Planning ahead and assembling the team will play an important role in keeping the project on schedule and prevent any chances of overspending.

CDMG compares traditional buildings with pre-engineered steel buildings, stating that the former takes longer to complete while the latter finishes much faster. The metal building supplier lists another advantage of prefabricated buildings, claiming that building the units in a factory away from the site cuts down the risk of weather playing foul during construction or slowing it down.

CDMG has earned a reputation for its high-quality prefabricated metal constructions, delivering the units to the construction site for assembling. It is one of the leading engineering companies in the United States, which is a subsidiary of the STEVENS family of companies.

Those interested to leverage CDMG’s experience to see how to shorten the construction schedule can check the CDMG website.


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