Cash Home Buyers Atlanta: Offers Suggestions to Those Whose Homes are Selling Slowly

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, a company that caters to those looking for a ‘cash home investor near me’, has some sound advice for owners whose homes are selling too slowly. As a company that has been heavily involved in helping people move their homes in Georgia for many years now, they have witnessed some creative ways that people have used to speed up their home sales. They also have some advice on how people who have slow-selling homes can minimize their angst as they await their home to sell.

The company representative, Fitz Thompson, says, “We come across homeowners all of the time who are very frustrated because it’s taken so long to sell their home. This frustration can become even greater if a homeowner has moved into a new home and now has two mortgages or they are waiting for the sale of their current home before they will have the money for a down payment on a new one. Well, all is not lost for these homeowners because we have some suggestions on how they may be able to speed up the sale of their homes. Best of all, none of these suggestions require a homeowner to make a significant out of pocket expenditure.”

sell house fast no showings for full price

Thompson continued by stating that the most obvious way that someone can speed up the sale of their home is to lower the asking price. He also cautions that a homeowner has to be careful here not to lower the price too much, so there is some give and take when deciding a new price point for a home sale. Many home sellers also have had some success selling their homes faster after they have advertised, they will pay the closing costs. This has the same impact as lowering the price but it also saves the new homebuyer some hassles during the sale process. The company representative talked about there being ways that a real estate company and a lead realtor can be made to work harder to sell a home. This includes such steps as paying the real estate company a higher percentage for the home sale and offering the lead realtor a commission higher than the normal 7% on the sale. He noted that if people see a chance to make more money or save money it triggers their natural response to act. Even something as simple as having professional photos taken for a home listing can attract a higher number of interested buyers.

It was also suggested by Thompson that if the slow-selling home is unoccupied, that renting it out until it’s sold may be a good idea. The problem is this brings with it a whole new set of complications. For one, it makes the house more difficult to show and the homeowner will not know if the house is clean when they go to show it. It may also be the case where it’s difficult to get the tenants to leave after the home sale has gone through and other considerations that go along with laws that heavily favor renters in most circumstances. He added that this does not even begin to address the headaches that come with being a landlord.

The company representative also brought up the fact that dealing with cash home buyers such as them can significantly speed up a home sale. It will even eliminate some of the hassles that go along with selling a home such as appraisals, inspections, required repairs, and more. There is also no need to keep a home immaculately clean at all times so it can be shown or to host an open house. Even closing times are done much faster when dealing with a company such as Cash Home Buyers Atlanta. He added that the offers they make are always fair and they will never use high-pressure tactics to get a homeowner to sell right away. Thompson even stated it’s the best way to get a cash offer today on a home. They have helped many homeowners in Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia areas quickly end the frustration that’s so often associated with a slow-selling home.


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