Cash Home Buyers Atlanta Explains the True Costs of an FSBO Listing for People Who Say, “I Want to Sell My House Fast for Cash”

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta wants to explain the true costs of a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listing or home sellers who try to sell their property without a real estate agent's help. At first glance, home sellers may find this beneficial because they can save on paying a commission to a real estate agent. However, selling the home without an agent can be an expensive and lengthy process.

Fitz Thompson from Cash Home Buyers Atlanta says, "We want to offer some advice on how to sell your house without a realtor. It is important to prepare the house properly for presentation to potential buyers, or else you will soon find that there are no takers, and you might need to lower your asking price. You will also need to market your house properly to get the attention of potential buyers. For instance, you may need to put up some signage, distribute flyers, and talk to friends and other acquaintances. You may also want to buy some online ads and premium listings. Be prepared for holding costs, which are the expenses like mortgage payments insurance Maintainance for owning a property, until such time that the house has already been bought."

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Home sellers who choose to make an FSBO listing may need to contact and hire a number of professionals to prepare the house for presentation to potential buyers. First are the cleaning professionals. It is important to make sure that the house is clean from top to bottom, including the cabinets, mirrors, floors, walls, and everything in between. Home sellers will need to factor in the cost of hiring cleaning professionals unless they would like to do the cleaning themselves.

Home sellers may also want to hire professionals who can set up the home to maximize its appeal to potential home buyers. It may also be a good idea to pay for storage to temporarily keep some belongings to minimize the clutter in the home that could discourage would-be buyers.

Of course, if there are parts of the home that need to be repaired, a professional may also need to be hired. If there are broken or not functioning things, such as plumbing, the roof, the stairs, a window, a door, or other key parts of the home, it would be a good idea to have them repaired by a professional. If not, it is either the potential buyer will never return, or the buyer will use it as a way to negotiate for a much lower selling price.

And then the home seller will also need to spend on marketing. Signages and printed materials will have to be bought. Signages will inform people who happen to pass by that the home is for sale. The printed materials are necessary to provide the relevant information to would-be buyers. The seller would need to spend a lot of time answering questions from people who want to know something about the house. Photographs of the house from various angles, including the internal parts, may need to be taken to show potential buyers and online ads.

The home seller may also need to spend on open houses, which is like throwing a party. Nevertheless, open houses are necessary to attract potential buyers. Open houses will require some snacks and beverages, and there will be a need to clean up after the event.

Online ads and premium listings on various sites may also help when the home seller sells the house directly. However, although some are free, many will require some fee to enable the placement of an ad.

Fitz Thompson says, "For those who say I want to sell my house fast Atlanta direct home buyers like our company, Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, may offer the solution. Give us a call, and we will make you an offer."

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