Cash Home Buyers Atlanta Discusses Why Cash Offers Can Be Advantageous When Selling a Home

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta wants those in the Atlantal Georgia Metro Area to know that there are several advantages to accepting a cash offer on a home from Companies that buys home for cash like them as opposed to selling it to a retail buyer that is taking out a mortgage. It’s not just the fact that it puts money into the seller’s hands right away either. They say there is much more to it than that. That’s why they think anyone looking to sell their home in Atlanta and the surrounding areas should consider all that a Real Estate Investor Cash buyer sale has to offer them.

Fitz Thompson, a member of the company’s homebuying team, says, “Most people are so used to banks playing a big part in home sales that they do not even realize there are alternatives to this. That’s a shame because other home selling means such as the cash sales that we work out can be just as profitable and come with a lot fewer hassles too. That’s why we thought it would be great to take the time to point out the many advantages that selling a home on an allcash basis offers to those who are looking to move on from their current house. Many will be surprised when they see the long list of benefits that a cash sale from a company like ours offers that are much different than selling to a retail home buyer that has to obtain a mortgage from a bank."

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According to Thompson, by far the biggest advantage of selling a home for cash is that the homeowner gets all the money. They do not have to worry about such things as paying a predetermined commission of up to 7% to a realtor or paying the costs of closing on a deal. He also pointed out that there is also much less stress and time wasted when selling a home for cash to a Cash Home buying company. This is because sellers do not have to worry about such things as meeting with real estate agents, keeping their home clean in case it needs to be shown, or holding open houses. He reminded that these are home selling events that typically add up to many hours for a homeowner. That in itself is worth money to most people. Thompson also talked about how transactions involving cash sales for homes can take as little as 2 weeks to close, whereas those that involve a typical mortgage can take as long as 3 months. He also mentioned how when they buy homes for cash there are no inspections or follow-up repairs to be made because of those inspections. Someone selling their home for cash can even pretty much choose their closing date.

Thompson also cautioned that selling a home traditionally and getting paid in cash is not the same as dealing with them. All it does is eliminate the bank being involved in the process. He says that there are still appraisals that have to be done and a slew of inspections on various aspects of the house. There is also going to be showings and open houses which demand the home be kept immaculately clean all of the time. The home buying team member says this is something that is nearly impossible to do with a home that’s occupied, especially if children are living in the household too.

The home buying team member also wanted to make sure that sellers know they are not a real estate agency. They are only in the business of buying homes for cash and often times will make an offer during the first meet with a homeowner. He also said that they don’t believe in pressuring a homeowner to sell. They have no problems with their clients taking time to think about an offer or comparing it to their other selling options. Thompson added, “When we buy houses Atlanta and elsewhere, it really does make things much simpler and much more straightforward for the home seller.”


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