Cash Home Buyers Atlanta: 5 Ways a Sale to a Cash House Buyer Will Save You Money

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, a company based in Snelville, GA, wants to inform homeowners about the five ways that selling their property to a cash house buyer can save them money. This is because the home seller does not have to make any repairs or renovations to the home; the home seller can simply pack up and go because there is no need to clean the home; there would be no closing costs because the cash house buyer will take care of it; there will be no marketing expenses that would have been needed when looking for potential buyers; and there would be no commissions to pay to a real estate agent.

Fitz Thompson, a spokesperson for Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, says, “We buy houses in Atlanta in as-is condition fast. This means you get to save money in many ways. First of all, since we accept the property as is, there would be no need for you to spend on repairs. It doesn’t really matter even if your home requires a ton of repairs. In addition, there would be no need for you to clean the property. You can simply pack up and go. And just imagine the amount of cleaning that would be required for an uninhabited property that you have inherited. And the amount that we offer for your property is ascertained to be fair and you will receive the full amount because we will take care of the closing costs and you don’t have to pay a real estate commission and there would be no marketing expenses.”

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Cash Home Buyers Atlanta is family-owned home buying company that is gaining in popularity as a reliable buyer of homes in Atlanta and throughout the United States. They are ready to offer cash and to serve the needs of those who want to sell their house fast for any reason. These homeowners may be people who want to get rid of a property that they just inherited but don’t want it; landlords who are tired of dealing with difficult tenants; people who are under threat of foreclosure; people who need to move to a faraway city for a new job; people who are going through a divorce; and more.

When a home seller gets the services of a real estate agent to help sell the property, while the listing process can be beneficial because it can offer wide exposure for the property through the MLS and the broad network of the real estate agent, the house will need to be made presentable for potential buyers. If not, they will likely be turned off when they see the property is dirty and requiring repairs.

Therefore, if going through the usual selling process, the home seller will have to take care of the cleaning and repairs needed for the home to be made presentable. This is all the more important now that it is a buyer’s market. In addition, the home seller will have to be ready for potential buyers to visit the home at any time. Some may actually arrive at the home unannounced and the home seller will have to hurry in cleaning the home and making it presentable. This could be very inconvenient for the family and all the more so because of the pandemic safety protocols that need to be followed. And this may happen several times before a potential buyer can be found.

And with the traditional house selling process, the seller will need to pay for the closing costs and pay the real estate agent a commission. And there is the possibility that the buyer will keep on negotiating for a lower price until the deal is closed, putting pressure on the seller to accept a much smaller amount.

Those who are interested in a cash buyer for their house in any condition may to want to check out the Cash Home Buyers Atlanta website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. Fitz Thompson says, “For those of you who are saying, ‘I’m looking for home investors near me,” remember that we are ready to buy a house in any condition for cash. We can close in just seven days.”


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