Cash for Any Car and Truck Presents the Top 8 Car Companies for Scrappers

Cash for Any Car and Truck, a company based in Huntingdon Valley, PA, has recently published a blog post that shows the leading 8 car companies or brands for which scrappers are willing to pay more for scrap cars and trucks. A vehicle owner may be tired of seeing an old car or truck just sitting there on the driveway, and may decide to sell it for scrap. The problem is how to determine the value of the junk car or truck.

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In general, the year, make and model of the car or truck are the key factors in determining the junk vehicle’s value. However, the condition of the vehicle will also be considered by the scrapper. There are three basic ways in which a scrapper may use the junk vehicle sold to them. These are: restoring the vehicle and then reselling it; removal of the parts and selling them; and converting the entire vehicle into scrap metal. Thus, the better the condition of the car or truck, the higher will be its price. Those that will be valued the most are those that are still driveable. Those cars and trucks that have a large amount of rust of body damage will likely be converted into scrap parts.

Meanwhile, certain parts of the car of truck may still be usable, such as the battery, door handles, radio, and more, and may be sold as parts for driveable vehicles. The values for those parts will depend on how much they are in demand. This means that if the junk car or truck is of a make or model that is in demand, they will be priced more by scrappers because some of their parts may be resold.

The top 8 car manufacturers to a scrapper are: Toyota/Lexus, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet/GMC, Kia, Hyundai, Mazda, and Volkswagen. Toyota vehicles are undoubtedly the most in demand cars among scrappers. Lexus, which primarily uses Toyota parts, is also very popular. This is mainly due to the popularity of Toyota cars and trucks, and that in almost every category, Toyotas have the reputation of being long-lasting.

Ford is at second place because this company was one of the first car companies to manufacture cars for the mass market. Ford vehicles are well-loved by Americans, which is why scrappers love them too.

Honda is at third place because of its reputation of being durable and long-lasting, just like with Toyota. Thus, Honda cars and trucks are much in demand among scrappers because of their desirable parts.

In fourth place is Chevrolet or the Chevy. Just like with Ford, Chevy is well-loved by Americans, with GMC following close with regards to desirability for scrappers.

Kia Motors occupies fifth place in the list of the top 8 car companies according to scrappers. Kia cars and trucks have a low price point and they are very accessible, which allowed them to achieve popularity in the last decade because they are needed by scrappers.

Hyundai is in sixth place. This is because the Hyundai car or truck has developed the reputation of having the same features as the more luxurious and more expensive vehicles, while having a lower and more affordable price. This means there is a high demand for Hyundai vehicles and their parts.

In seventh place is Mazda. Mazda cars and trucks have also gained a reputation of being reliable, which means they are also much in demand by scrappers.

And finally, in eighth place is Volkswagen. Volkswagen cars and trucks have a long history of being safe, well-built, and reliable. Thus, they are also much in demand among scrappers.

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