Cash for Any Car and Truck Offers Assessment and Quotation for Junk Car

Cash for Any Car and Truck, a company based in Huntingdon Valley, PA, is pleased to announce that they have recently posted an article on their site that serves as a guide for selling a junk car without a title. Having the title for the junk car is necessary when selling it. Nevertheless, under some circumstances, it may be possible to sell a car without a title. Most junk yards and “cash for car” companies will require a title before they buy a junk car. However, there are some companies, such as Cash 4 Cars, who are willing to purchase the car if the owner is able to provide a driver’s license and registration. More about the mentioned article can be gleaned from

Neil De La Fuente, a spokesperson for Cash for Any Car and Truck, says, “It is essential to check the laws where you live before selling your used car or junker without a title. But, if you are in a hurry to get rid of a junk car, check out a reputable company like Cash 4 Cars. We will assess your junk car and quote you an offer. Next, we will provide you with an excellent offer for your junk vehicle. And once the owner accepts the offer, we will ensure that the transaction is as straightforward and as seamless as possible and pay for the vehicle.”

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Cash for Any Car and Truck has been providing cash for cars for years. They have many years of experience in offering high quality auto recycling services, and it is safe to say that if some people want to sell their car for parts, the company is the the most experienced, trustworthy company around.

The mentioned article also provides various ways in which the vehicle owner may obtain the title if the buyer requires a title. The buyer may only be willing to purchase the junk car without the title if they will only use certain parts of the vehicle.

For those who have financed their car, they may not have the vehicle title in hand because it is with the lienholder, who will not release the title until it has been fully paid for. If the car is already paid in full, the car owner can call the former lienholder, which is possibly a bank, and request for the title. Once the lienholder has confirmed that it has been paid in full, they will send the title to the car owner.

For those who have lost their title, it is possible to obtain a duplicate car title. This can be obtained by completing an application at the local DMV, submitting the form and the requisite fee.

For cars or trucks that have been in a wreck and are no longer fit for the road, a salvage title may be obtained. This is issued once the insurance company has finally declared that the vehicle is a total loss. Once a salvage title has been issued for a particular vehicle, it can no longer be use on the road and a regular title can no longer be issued. But the salvage title can be used when selling the wrecked vehicle to a junker.

It should be noted that junkyards and cash for car companies may be willing to purchase a junk car without a title. This is because they will not be using the car on the road but simply to salvage the metal and various parts for the purpose of reselling them. But it is not only written-off cars that can be sold for junk. A vehicle that is broken down, is lacking parts, or is old and rusted out of commission, can be sold to junk yards or mechanics without a title. Mechanics often source parts from such vehicles because they tend to be less costly.

Those who are interested in learning more about selling a junk car without a title can check out the Cash for Any Car and Truck website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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