Carpet Cleaning Company in Panama City, FL Explains Their Seven-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

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Panama City, Fla. – CCS Floor Care, a leading carpet cleaning company in Panama City, FL, provides their community with affordable cleaning services to not only keep houses and businesses looking pleasant but also to keep individuals healthy by reducing the number of germs and allergens floating around within the room. One of the ways CCS Floor Care accomplishes this is by implementing their seven-step carpet cleaning process for each carpet they clean. This month, they are explaining each step in detail.

The first step to CCS Floor Care’s carpet cleaning process is the pre-inspection, where a service technician will inspect the carpet, paying special attention to the client’s particular areas of concern and noting the carpet construction and soiling conditions. Steps two and three include commercial pre-vacuum, pre-spray, and pre-spot. The client’s carpet will get vacuumed with a Turbine Vacuum System in order to remove bonded dry soil, and then high-traffic areas will receive a pretreatment, giving them a more effective soil and spot removal.

Step four of the carpet cleaning process is to extract and rinse. Since the soil is loosened at this point, the technician is then able to use the hot water extraction process to thoroughly flush the carpet with ease. With this extraction process, the carpet is never over-wet because the pressure and heat are constantly regulated, and there is no sticky residue left behind because the carpet is pH balanced.

The last three steps include post-cleaning tasks, the first of which being the post-spot treatment. If there were spots removed during the previous steps, the technician employs specialty spotting techniques. Next, the technician will groom the carpet, setting the pile in one direction so that the carpet dries faster and looks optimally appealing. The last step the technician will perform is the post-inspection. This includes walking through the entire carpeted area(s) to make sure everything was done properly and to the highest standard.

Panama City floor cleaning company, CCS Floor Care, believes in the importance of a clean carpet. It keeps the living or office space from looking dingy, making the space as a whole much more comfortable and inviting. For more information or to receive a free quote, give CCS Floor Care a call today at (850) 265-4204 or visit their website at


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