Carina Hatton Launches ‘Start Your Own Boutique’ Bootcamp

The Knitted Belle Boutique founder and CEO Carina Hatton is launching a free 5-day bootcamp on starting an online boutique. In this bootcamp, Hatton will be showing participants the A to Z of how to get started, from the initial company start up requirements to branding one’s own online store.

Hatton says, "I tested this last month and had over 936 woman entrepreneurs sign up for the free training, with outstanding success, so I decided to run this 5-day bootcamp every month." She further states that, “We make starting up your dream boutique fun by bringing in gamification into the training even having Boutique Bootcamp Bingo all done virtually from the comfort of your home.”

During the free bootcamp, participants will learn how to curate the kind of inventory they may need for their own online boutique. Hatton will also guide participants in creating an irresistible ‘About Me’ page to tell customers all about the boutique or founder and why they should shop through this platform. To quote the bootcamp’s website, a participant will be able to, “Produce all the pieces of the puzzle you'll need to take your store live.” The bootcamp also aims to help a participant design their boutique’s branding in half an hour or less, under the expert guidance of Carina Hatton herself.

Hatton started the Knitted Belle Boutique out of a love for clothing which had fun prints and patterns, or even a unique look. When her previous employer announced the company was downsizing, the disappointment soon fueled the idea of starting her own dream boutique, which is what she has always wanted to do. She states that she felt as if she was being guided by her guardian angel. As her boutique eventually reached 7-figure profits, the result of her hard work and perseverance, she realized that she wanted to help others do the same. In her own words, as seen on her boutique website, “And now it's time for me to be ‘that guardian angel’ for you. Dreams can come true. All you have to do is take the first step with me.” Not only does Hatton act as the sole buyer for her company and handpicks every item in the Knitted Belle Boutique, she has also expanded her career by becoming an online boutique consultant as well.

The Knitted Belle Boutique is well known for their high quality women's boutique dresses and tops. The boutique takes pride in having the perfect styles for all of their customers’ needs, be it for work, school, or a special occasion. The boutique also stocks all the latest trends, including florals, stripes, leopard and snake prints. They also have a large selection of maxi dresses and mini dresses that are often difficult to find in most stores. If an individual is looking for trendy styles that are perfect for spring, summer, fall or winter, Knitted Belle is the ideal boutique for them.

The boutique also ensures that they are well stocked with the latest trends in fabrics, such as tweed, corduroy, cotton, velvet and satin. An individual in the market for something dressy, for instance, would be recommended lace dresses that will be perfect for such an occasion. For weddings, the boutique believes that their off the shoulder dresses are sure to please. Most of their clothing can easily transition from work to play and are ideal for a girls' night out or a date with a special person. The boutique stocks a mix of casual tops, denim jeans and skirts and dresses that are both comfortable and trendy. To quote their website, “Boutique clothing has never been easier to find at reasonable prices and great quality. We have the latest trends and you can trust us to have the best selection of boutique clothing.”

To learn more about the online bootcamp or the Knitted Belle Boutique, interested parties may visit their official website. They may also contact Carina and her team via phone or email. Learn more here: How To Start An Online Boutique.


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