Carina Hatton Announces New eCommerce Holiday Sales Challenge

Carina Hatton of Overland Park, KS based Knitted Belle Boutique LLC is reaching out to eCommerce entrepreneurs to share an invitation to her upcoming free 3-Day Snowball Your Sales challenge on how to create holiday social media posts that get results. Hatton is the founder of the Knitted Belle Boutique, an online clothing boutique that she built from the ground up into a successful 7 figure business.

"If you are product based business owner, you don't want to miss this special 3 day holiday sales training event so that you create your marketing plan to get your piece of the holiday sales pie," states Hatton. She continues, "The online shopping season is just around the corner and consumers are going to spend billions of dollars online this holiday season. You know your products will be a hit, if you can get them in front of more traffic. There are a few key things you need to do ahead of time. Don't wait around until the last minute and let your competition make all the money this holiday season."

Carina Hattons free ecommerce training

Hatton explains that she will introduce attendees to the five most important things that they need to start a successful online boutique during her 3-day bootcamp. She will go into detail on each of these topics, answer questions and offer guidance based on her experience from when she first started her company, the struggles she encountered and what ultimately brought her success.

The five topics to be discussed during the bootcamp are outlined on the webpage for the event. Hatton states, "By the end of the 3 days even, you will have created your holiday social media posts that gets results and help you optimize your website so that you convert those holiday shoppers into your customers. Finding out the most social savvy posts that will attract customers will be one massive task off your to-do list! Some products work better than others for holiday promotions, and you may want to avoid unnecessary risks when it comes to the holiday items that will be sold on your store."

Another topic that will be covered on the snowball your sales challenge is how to make sure your website is ready to take advantage of the fourth quarter billion dollar sales pie. She is giving out her 10-step checklist to make sure you aren't missing anything. Hatton notes that this is the best way to stay focused on the right marketing to attract new customers. "You will start filling your calendar with events and lives that will bring in tons of profit. Now's the time to get those holiday parties planned and you will be rewarded with loyal customers who care about your brand."

The free training event for eCommerce entrepreneurs will also cover some of the more technical aspects of building an holiday marketing campaign. Attendees will learn how to produce all the pieces of the puzzle that they will need to take their holiday promotions live. They will also learn how to design their holiday social media posts and what it will take for them to stand out from their competition. Hatton will share some of the holiday marketing secrets and techniques that she used to her own online store to a well-oiled 7-figure machine, coaching attendees to help avoid common mistakes and go straight for what will bring better results.

The event's page also shares information for those who want to know more about Carina Hatton herself, sharing her inspiring story, goals and motivation. She started her online store out of a love for clothing with fun prints and patterns — and a unique look. This had always been a dream of hers, and after being fired from her job due to downsizing, she realized that this was the perfect time to start working on the dream online store that she had always wanted.

She states, "At the time, I felt like my Guardian Angel was guiding me. It was not an easy path, and it was only after tons of trial and error, and more effort than I ever thought possible, that I took my eCommerce store to 7 figures. It's been a few years since this happened, and my store still stands strong as a successful business straight out of my dreams. I believe that now it is time for me to be the guide and counselor for other entrepreneurs who share the same dream as me, helping them start their new business and be set on the path that is most likely to bring success."

Carina Hatton's free 3-Day Snowball Your Sales Challenge will begin on the 3rd of November, 2021. Interested parties may reach out to Hatton to learn more about the topics that will be covered on the challenge. They may connect with her through the official Carina Hatton Facebook page.


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