Caregivers Needed in Cincinnati, Columbus and Northern Kentucky for Assisting Hands Home Care Team

Cincinnati, OH based Assisting Hands Home Care is pleased to announce new positions availablefor caregivers in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Columbus areas. The company is looking for passionate and conscientious applicants who are ready to provide essential care and aid for those in need as part of the team at Assisting Hands Home Care.

According to Greg Kling, Owner of Assisting Hands of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Columbus, Home Care, unlike many other industries, continues to grow despite the Covid-19 Pandemic. In addition to its normal strong growth, the industry is benefitting from families evaluating “stay-at-home” options vs. moving a loved one into an Assisted Living or other nursing care facility as a method to reduce Covid-19 exposure. Greg believes this will be an ongoing trend as more people learn about Home Care’s benefits as a long-term solution for their family member.

According to Assisting Hands Home Care, the company is looking for caregivers who either possess or are looking to become certified as a: State Tested Nursing Aide (STNA), Personal Care Assistant (PCA), Home Health Aides (HHA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), as well as those who would be able to fulfill various Northern Kentucky home care jobs. They invite all applicants to get in touch as soon as possible as they need to fill these roles quickly for the new employees to become acclimated to their new duties.

Assisting Hands caregivers make it their mission to provide high-quality in-home care that is unsurpassed in the field. They pursue this goal not only to maintain their position among the industry’s leaders but also to provide comprehensive and attentive services for their clients. Assisting Hands Home Care’s owners, Kim and Greg Kling, started the company in these locations after experiencing the prominent way in which a caregiver’s assistance can fundamentally change their clients’ lives for the better. Since they wish nothing more than to pass on this experience to as many other people in need as possible, they in turn make it their mission to support their staff in this endeavor.

Our caregivers in Cincinnati and other areas are expected to do a lot for the people in their care,” says Greg Kling. “They are trained for one specific purpose: to provide in-home care, and this means that they will have already fulfilled a stringent series of requirements by the time our clients first meet them. These requirements include a thorough background check as well as training in CPR and other necessary life-preserving techniques. Furthermore, they are fully insured.”

Once Assisting Hands Home Care receives a request from a client, their team will help them select the best match from their pre-screened group of available caregivers. The caregiver in question, who is professionally trained and experienced, is typically on location in as few as 48 hours following the initial call.

Kling adds, “All of this requires our services to run like clockwork, but we are also aware of the fact that our caregivers are the core around which everything else is built. Without these wonderful people who are willing to sacrifice their time and more for their clients, none of the important work we hope to do with our clients would be possible. For this reason, we try to give our caregivers as much attention as our clients—providing a great work environment for them and even letting them know that help is available if they have issues in their personal lives as well.”

Notably, a Google review from one of their employees provides some insight into the overall staff experience. Stephanie Pittman writes that, “I could not be more blessed than to work for Assisting Hands. The owners truly care about each client and each employee. The teamwork and dedication amongst the staff are amazing, a rare find today. The owners have invested in and support top-notch clinical leadership, care coordination, trainers and all the other roles necessary to be sure our clients are well cared for in every way. They go above and beyond to make it happen for the client. Our Caregivers have a gift; a gift of the heart. Serving seniors is not as easy as it may sound. People are complicated, and when you add on physical illnesses, dementia, and so many battles that come with aging, it is a task that requires wisdom, tact, caring and dedication. They are our everyday heroes. Assisting Hands, a gem.”

Those who wish to join the caregiver team in Columbus or follow up on any further inquiries are welcome to reach out to Greg Kling of Assisting Hands Home Care to get started. More information regarding the available positions, the team of caregivers as a whole and the various services they offer their clients can be found on Assisting Hands Home Care’s official website and other online resources as well. Additionally, interested parties may connect with the company through their social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest news regarding open positions as well as their work in the caregiver industry.


For more information about Assisting Hands Home Care, contact the company here:

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