Car Accident Pain Clinic In Mesa: Why Auto Accident Victims Often Prefer Chiropractic Care

Unity Spine & Joint, a car accident pain clinic in Mesa, is helping patients deal with the pain from injuries that they have suffered in automobile accidents. The clinic, which has been serving the community for many years, is also seeking to discuss chiropractic care, the frequently preferred choice of pain management by those that have been involved in an accident on the road.

The lead Chiropractor of the clinic, Dr. Thomas Morgan, says, “At Unity Spine & Joint, we practice responsible pain management with a broad array of services and specialties. This enables us to provide you with the correct diagnostic testing, regenerative medicine, chiropractic and physical exercise modalities no matter what your musculoskeletal pain source might be. Our patients that have suffered injuries in automobile accidents or other mishaps have found our modern pain treatments to be highly beneficial as part of a regimen to help lessen their pain — and even prevent it from recurring.”

Dr. Morgan goes on to say that there are many reasons why accident pain sufferers prefer to visit chiropractic treatment centers such as this clinic. The main reason that car accident victims turn towards Dr. Morgan and other chiropractic practitioners is because their treatment methods have been proven effective over time. He also emphasizes the fact that he makes the effort to stay up to date on the many chiropractic pain relief methods that he uses. This ensures that new methods of treatment may bring clients even more benefits as patients. Chiropractors also have access to the latest and best injury treatment equipment and adjustment tools. This includes the use of a variety of adjustment tables, Tens machine, cold lasers and more.

Mollie T. rates the clinic 5 Stars in her Google Review and says that, “Everyone at this clinic is amazing! Every staff member is genuine, knowledgeable and an expert at chiropractic and massage therapy. I am so grateful to have found them when I did because, right away, they alleviated my upper back pain through massage, E-STIM and chiropractic care. This clinic employs the best people! Thank you!”

The lead chiropractor at the clinic also states that their treatments are 100% non-invasive. Dr. Morgan says that his patients never have to face the apprehension that comes prior to surgeries or other more invasive types of treatments. He also mentions that chiropractors in Phoenix like himself are also the preferred choice of treatment for car accident victims because they are familiar with the policies of their patients’ insurance companies. This helps ease the worry away from their patients, since their treatments are covered, and ensures that the treatments will be given for a duration that allows maximum impact and benefit. Dr. Morgan also says that their innovative treatments can help those who suffer from muscle and joint pain in the elbows, hips, feet and knees. Similarly, they can also help those who suffer from Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica and Neuropathy.

Christine J. rates the clinic 5 Stars on the Google platform as well, stating that, “If you are in pain, this is the place to go. Every person you interact with is kind and really listens. Instead of jumping in and doing any treatment, they made sure they understood what needed to be corrected and worked to find the best solution. Makes me feel like I'm on the best path possible for a pain free life. Thanks, everyone.” When looking at other reviews of the clinic, it is evident that they boast a seemingly unanimous 5-Star rating and glowing reviews about their services from former patients. Learn more here: Chiropractic Treatment In Glendale.

One can see, through the clinic’s website and their media posts, the available treatments and so on, how beneficial the treatments are at this Mesa pain clinic. Dr. Morgan says that those who are suffering from back, neck and other forms of joint pain are more than welcome to schedule a free consultation with them. An appointment may be arranged via phone call or by filling out the form on the clinic’s website.

Those interested may set up appointments at Unity Spine & Joint’s Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale and Avondale, Arizona locations, or their Indianapolis, Indiana location through the website as well. Similarly, they may reach out to the clinic through their preferred social media channels.


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