Car Accident Lawyer In Okatie Answers Important Questions for Victims Involved in Auto Mishaps

Reputable Okatie car accident lawyer, The Brown Firm, realizes that people who have been injured in auto accidents through no fault of their own have many questions regarding their legal rights after the accident. That’s why the firm’s lead lawyer, experienced auto accident attorney Harry Brown Jr., wanted to take the time to answer a few frequently asked questions by those who consult with him after they have become victims in a car accident.

Attorney Brown Jr. says, “There are probably few situations in life that can be as confusing and stressful after they occur than when someone has become the victim in a car accident. This is especially true if that person has suffered injuries in that accident. That’s why I felt it was so important to go over some common questions that I am asked by the car accident victims that come to me for legal advice. These questions can definitely help smooth out the legal claim process for those in South Carolina who have been involved in an accident that was not their fault.”

He went on to say that car accident victims often wonder what types of compensation they are entitled to after an accident. Attorney Brown Jr. says there are two types of damage that accident victims are often entitled to pursue in a legal claim. This includes both specific and general damages. Specific damages include such aspects of the case as medical treatments, diminished earning capacity, lost wages, and property that has been lost. He also mentioned that general damages include such things as the physical pain resulting from injuries received in the accident, emotional distress, inability to have children, and loss of an extremity.

The lead attorney for The Brown Firm in Okatie, SC says that another question that often comes up is how expensive iis it for an accident victim to hire a lawyer to represent them with their legal claim. He was quick to point out that there is no out of pocket up-front expense if he accepts a case. In most car accident claim situations, a lawyer does not receive any fees until they successfully litigate the case. Attorney Brown Jr. says that his firm will then take a predetermined percentage of that settlement. He says that because of this, no one should be afraid to at least consult with a lawyer after another person’s carelessness has resulted in them becoming a victim in a car accident. Even for these initial consultations, there is no charge for.

According to Attorney Brown Jr., many auto accident victims wonder why they need legal representation in the first place to settle their case. He says the main reason for this is someone that does not know personal injury and accident law forward and backward will be at a big disadvantage as the case proceeds along. They will be going up against an experienced legal team that represents the defendant’s insurance carrier that knows all of the best ways to reduce settlement amounts or have the right to compensation negated altogether. The firm’s lead attorney says the defendant’s legal team will also be very skilled at putting pressure on a victim to settle after medical bills and other expenses start to add up. He says experienced car accident attorneys such as him know exactly how to insulate their clients from this type of pressure to settle a case for much less than they deserve.

Attorney Brown Jr. added that these and other questions that car accident victims have been asked so often that he is always prepared to answer them thoroughly in an initial consultation. He emphasized that’s why he strongly recommends that all accident victims seek him or another reputable car accident lawyer out after they become involved in an automobile accident that was not their fault.

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