Car Accident Chiropractor in Savannah Posts Blog Intended to Clear Up Some Myths Surrounding Auto Accident Injuries

Arrowhead Clinic, a car accident chiropractor in Savannah, has just posted a blog on their website that’s intended to clear up some myths surrounding auto accident injuries. They felt this was an important message to get out to people who are seeking a chiropractor after car accident injuries. That way, victims can get some straightforward information from an accredited health care facility that deals directly with many car accident-related injuries. The clinic believes this information will help auto accident victims make prudent post-accident care decisions.

Dr. Rachel Banks, the chiropractor at the clinic who wrote the blog post, had this to say, “Going through the pain and recovery process after being involved in an auto accident is bad enough without having non-professional opinions added into the mix. If someone believes the hearsay that’s told to them, it may result in them deciding against seeking the proper medical help that they so badly need to recover. That’s why we thought it was important to write this new blog post. Good information is the key to helping people realize the many different and sometimes less obvious ways that an auto accident impacts their physical well-being.”

One of the first myths about car accident injuries that the new blog post talked about is that if an injury cannot be seen, there is no injury. This is not true because some injuries do not have outward visible signs of them. Such is often the case with whiplash or other soft tissue injuries that often result from automobile crashes. Another myth that the blog article covered was that injuries always appear right away. This is not true because sometimes it takes two to three days for soft tissue injuries to reveal themselves. The article advises accident victims not to assume they are uninjured just because they are not experiencing immediate severe pain. In Dr. Banks’ new blog post, she also mentioned that just because the impact of an accident does not damage a car, it does not mean that the occupants of that vehicle have not been injured. It pointed out that whiplash and other soft tissue related injuries can occur at even slow speeds. The blog article ended by recommending that anyone who has been involved in an accident, no matter how small the impact is, to be seen by a medical professional. Those who experience any unusual pain or discomfort after a car accident should seek medical help right away.

Arrowhead clinic is also a very highly rated auto accident treatment facility. On their Google Maps listing, the company has an impressive 5 out of 5-star average rating on the 202 reviews that have been left on them. Here is what a few of their patients had to say in those reviews. Jacqueline Gilbert wrote, “My first experience at Arrowhead I was a referral after being in an accident. I have been going to this clinic for about 2 weeks now. Queen & Ms. Lisa are very outstanding and awesome. And, I can’t forget DR. F, he is amazing. When I first went there, I felt really down but once I started getting treatments, he made sure that I felt 100 percent better before my graduation period. I would recommend Arrowhead Clinic to any of my friends and family.” Ethan Jeremiah stated in his glowing review, “Great facility and the care and warmth of the staff was spectacular. I’m definitely in a better place after these treatments than I was at the beginning of this whole ordeal. I’ll definitely come back for personal use and I highly recommend that if you have any type of pain or discomfort after being in any type of accident that you go and see them for at least an evaluation. They put you in the know and they will get you taken care of.”

For those who want more information on this Savannah car accident chiropractor, they can contact them by email, phone, or by filling out the form found on the home page of their website. In addition to auto accident injuries, Arrowhead Clinic - Savannah also treats neck & back pain, slip & fall injuries, sports injuries, and work-related injuries that impact the musculoskeletal system and its surrounding soft tissues.


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