Car Accident Chiropractor In Lake City, FL Explores What Causes Back Pain After A Car Accident

Lake City, Florida based Florida Spine & Injury, a car accident chiropractic clinic, recently published a new blog post that explains what causes pain after a car accident. The post describes some of the symptoms one might experience following a car accident and what may be causing them. The article is aimed at reaching out to people who may have been injured in a car accident, helping them realize how important it is to see a chiropractor as soon as possible.

Every day, there are over 27,000 car accidents all over the United States, which amount to a total of 10 million accidents every year. This means that everyone, regardless of how careful a driver they are, is at risk of being involved in a car accident. “Even if you are a defensive driver who obeys the speed limits and uses your turn signal, it doesn't mean everyone else on the road acts the same way,” the blog post says. “Believe it or not, data has shown that even the safest drivers are likely to experience at least 3-4 car wrecks during their lives. Fortunately, many of these accidents are minor and won't do anything except cause a little damage to your vehicle, and maybe a slight headache after dealing with your insurance company.”

The post continues, “When injuries occur, your back is more than likely going to be the injured body part. Your back is highly susceptible to damage from the physical force that occurs during a car accident. Because of this, back injuries are some of the most common injuries you are likely to experience after an accident.” See more here: Chiropractor After Car Accident.

Even at speeds under 10 mph, back injuries can still occur as human bodies are not particularly good at handling trauma, especially in situations like a car accident. Such accidents can cause injuries to any part of one’s body — with the neck and back being the most likely to be injured. A rear-end accident, for example, causes the body to move forward without warning, and the limited space inside a car means that the body’s momentum is abruptly stopped by the vehicle. In turn, this can cause the head and neck to move back and forth quickly, leading to potentially severe injury. If one is ejected from the vehicle during impact, they could experience lower back injuries.

Regardless of what injury one experiences during a car accident, the pain is usually what alerts people to the fact that they have been injured. The blog post says, “Many things may cause back pain in the hours, days and weeks following your car accident. Pain in the short-term is usually caused by strains to muscles or the connective tissue in the back. Long-term pain may be caused by a more profound issue like damage to a facet joint or a disc. The facet joint is typically located on the top and bottom of each vertebra. They connect the vertebrae and permit back motion. Facet joint pain doesn't show up on imaging tests. This means your chiropractor will have to do other tests to determine if a facet joint was damaged. Disc injuries also happen during accidents, and they often lead to chronic pain. Your discs are responsible for maintaining the motion of your spine. Disc injuries can also push on your nerves, causing neck or arm pain.”

In case one finds themselves dealing with any of the many conditions car accidents may cause, there are many treatments that may help relieve the pain. Rest, for instance, is one of the most effective ways to treat back pain. Immediately after the pain starts, it is important to take some time to rest. Staying in bed can offer temporary relief from pain and give the body time to start repairing itself after the accident. It is also important to avoid resting for too long as this could worsen the injury. There are many other ways to relieve the pain but it is often better to see a chiropractor who can identify and treat whatever issues one may be facing.

Florida Spine & Injury offers a wide range of treatments which can provide relief pain and help avoid further injuries. Read more about the blog by Lake City chiropractor for car accident injuries on the clinic’s site.


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