Car Accident Attorney in Orange California Talks About Why Auto Accident Victims Should Hire a Lawyer

Alexander D. Napolin, a respected car accident attorney Orange California, is a specialist when it comes to litigating cases where someone has been injured by another party carelessly operating a moving vehicle. This includes personal injuries resulting from those negligently driving cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and all other types of motor vehicles. Because of the large number of cases he has handled in regards to personal injury matters, he is fully aware of the need for victims to retain legal counsel to better their chances at getting favorable outcomes in these types of cases. This information is something that he would like to share with accident victims who are considering whether or not to hire a lawyer to represent them in their auto accident-related personal injury case.

Attorney Napolin says, “There are very few times where it’s advisable for an auto accident victim to try and handle a legal claim on their own. This is especially true for car accidents where personal injuries are involved. That’s because this significantly multiplies the complexity of a victim’s case. It then takes an experienced vehicle accident attorney such as myself to help that victim with major decisions in their case and bring that case through to a favorable outcome for them.”

Car Accident Attorney Orange California

According to Attorney Napolin, car accident victims owe it to themselves to at least sit down with a lawyer to hear what they have to say about their case. This is something that he personally does not even charge a fee for. He also encourages any accident victim to do this right away after they have received proper medical attention. That’s because the more time that passes after an accident the more chance important evidence related to the case can be destroyed, misplaced, or simply become unable to be obtained. This reputable California auto accident injury lawyer also mentioned how retaining legal counsel helps accident victims avoid having to deal with the aggressive tactics of the defendant’s insurance carrier and get any necessary accident investigations started right away. He says that an experienced personal injury lawyer also knows how to set a fair value for a claim and then the best ways to go about seeking a settlement for that amount. Personal injury attorneys also are fully prepared to take a case to court to make their clients whole again and they are experts when it comes to knowing how to prove liability in those court cases. Accident injury lawyers also free their clients’ from most of the worry related to their cases, can clearly explain each step of the legal process to them, and are highly motivated by the fact that they receive no pay unless they successfully litigate a car accident victim’s case.

Attorney Napolin also mentioned that he does much more than just help victims of automobile and other moving vehicle accidents. This includes litigating legal claims for those that have been hurt in the workplace, injured by a defective product, are victims of medical malpractice, or any type of tort-related legal proceedings. He also stated that he is very experienced when it comes to handling employment law cases and bankruptcy proceedings.

Many car accident victims that have received personal injury assistance from Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County have also written very favorable reviews about their experience with this legal service. Victor Forward stated, “I was very impressed with the professional staff and outcome of my auto accident case. I highly recommend this law firm if you are injured in any type of incident. Thank you, Alexander, for all that you did for me and my family!” MacKenzie Flores proclaimed, “I can't thank Alexander Napolin enough for all the help he provided me in connection with my car accident situation. I spoke with him a few times before deciding to hire his office. He even helped me before I officially hired him! Thanks for all of the support, it’s much appreciated and I am very grateful.”

Those in the Orange County, California area who have been injured through no fault of their own and are seeking out a ‘personal injury lawyer near me’ can contact Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘Free Case Review’ form that’s found on their website. The Napolin law practice also has locations in Riverside, Glendale, and Ontario, California.


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