CandyWorx Offers Confectionery Equipment Line for Artisan Chocolatiers

CandyWorx, a Spec Engineering brand, is proud to announce their recent introduction of an expanded confectionery equipment line. This line of equipment is ideal for boutique artisan chocolate businesses producing or selling 100 to 1,000 pounds of delicious chocolate each week. The CandyWorx team also assists those starting out in the chocolate business regarding the process of making chocolate from raw cocoa beans. Truly understanding how each step and piece of equipment contributes to the quality of the final chocolate product is essential for a successful chocolatier. This equipment provides companies the flexibility and control for everything step of the process to produce the chocolate produce that is uniquely theirs.

All CandyWorx equipment is manufactured in the United States. This technically appropriate and high-quality equipment continues to be installed and serviced throughout the world, creating a reputation for CandyWorx as being a trustworthy custom equipment and solutions provider.

CandyWorx’s line of chocolate equipment is known as Cacao Cucina® and consists of a bean cleaner, cocoa bean roaster, winnower, nib grinder, chocolate maker, chocolate sifter, and tempering machine.

The BC-150 Cocoa Bean Cleaner is designed to remove ferrous metals, undersized debris, oversized pieces, and stones. Up to 330 lbs. of raw beans can go through the cleaner per hour.

The Cacao Cucina® Cocoa Bean Roaster allows cocoa beans to be roasted similarly to coffee beans with specific modifications that are needed for best quality. This has the purpose of developing the distinctive flavor notes of origin cacao, kill bacteria, and decrease the moisture content of the cocoa beans, making them more suitable for chocolate production. This Cocoa Bean Roaster also includes a cooling cart provided with an air system for cooling the beans after they have been removed from the roaster to prevent over roasting.

Three different models of Winnowers are offered to ease the process of removing the shell from cocoa beans to obtain the nib. These machines are designed specifically for cocoa beans.

The refining process can be improved by using the Nib Grinder to grind cocoa nib into liquor prior to refining. With variable speed drive and custom screens, the operator has flexibility and control in the grinding process and will experience a more uniform particle size reduction.

The Cacao Cucina® Chocolate Maker is designed to mix, refine, and conch chocolate in just one self-contained machinery. It is a shallow bed stirred ball mill that is temperature controlled and can decrease the particle size to less than 20 microns. Here, the chocolate mass is constantly circulated in the ball mill while being exposed to temperature-controlled air. This will help in getting rid of unwanted volatiles, resulting in a smooth flavor and texture profile. The Chocolate Maker can also be used on compound coatings.

The Chocolate Sifter machine is designed to screen finished chocolate or refined chocolate liquor to eliminate oversized particles. This process is performed after refining and before tempering.

Chocolatiers can develop the most stable fat crystals in the cocoa butter with the Tempering Machine. This machine offers a simple alternative to other tempering machines in the marketplace, designed specifically to be completely emptied and produce reliable product.

One piece of additional equipment to complement the turnkey line is the artisan Cocoa Butter Press, for making ‘true’ single origin when the recipe calls for extra cocoa butter. This machine is designed to press approximately four pounds of warm cocoa liquor at pressures ranging up to a maximum of 5,000 psi to produce cocoa butter for single origin chocolate. This machine is a 75-ton air-over-hydraulic press that is provided with a PLC touch screen control.

Another piece of additional equipment is the Laboratory Ball Mill, usually used in a research and development setting. This ball mill is used for refining nibs, liquor, coatings, or chocolate on a micro scale under controlled, sanitary conditions. One to five pound batches of product can be refined under similar conditions. The Laboratory Ball Mill can be used for compound coatings. You can learn more about all the chocolate equipment CandyWorx offers here:

CandyWorx, formerly HMC Manufacturing, was established in 1914 by John T. Hohberger in Chicago, IL. Roger Hohberger, grandson of John T. Hohberger and Senior Technical Sales at CandyWorx, ensures that all CandyWorx equipment is produced with the same quality and craftsmanship since 1914. Currently CandyWorx is a member of the National Confectioners Association (NCA), American Association of Candy Technologies (AACT), Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association (PMCA), and other confectionery organizations.

To learn more about the confectionery and chocolate equipment available from CandyWorx, visit their website or contact them directly.


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