Canadian Self-Sovereign Identity Solution Provider Announces Beta Release: NB Orbit

Canadian self-sovereign identity solution provider, Northern Block, has just announced the beta release of its NB Orbit Wallet and NB Orbit Enterprise Cloud products. The standards based products have been designed for mass adoption by both consumers and organizations in the rapidly expanding SSI space. These products represent the first of a suite of products that focus on Privacy by design while enabling organizations to transact with less friction while interating with prospects and consumers.

Northern Block is a technology solutions provider company founded in 2017 that has deployed 30+ software solutions that use decentralized technologies such as Self-sovereign Identity (SSI). They have worked with start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 1000 companies. From these projects, Northern Block has designed and built numerous SSI solutions.

Northern Block is now launching their own ecosystem solution designed to meet the exacting needs of Fintech and Legal firms. This workflow-based solution set, features the Customer On-Boarding with KYC template, is also available for other uses and can be tailored to meet those needs.

For organizations new to SSI, the NB Orbit suite facilitates front-ends to existing solutions to meet customer needs around privacy and less friction in their processes. For SSI experienced organizations, the suite offers features new to the SSI market that help drive adoption, reduce build times as well as provide access to information not available with other SSI offerings.

Details about the NB Orbit Wallet and NB Orbit Enterprise Cloud products including instructions on how to sign up for their Beta program can be found here. All beta memberships include customer support from Northern Block throughout the entire beta program.

“This release represents the culmination of years of experience with customer on-boarding and privacy of data,” said Mathieu Glaude, CEO and President of Northern Block. “We are extremely proud of this step forward with SSI focused on the needs of organizations and wallet holders at the same time. We believe this release will help unlock the massive potential for businesses, governments and NGOs in the SSI space. Furthermore, there are many features that are unique in the industry that we believe will address many concerns organizations have with SSI.”

Digital credentialling is rapidly expanding worldwide and the NB Orbit Wallet and NB Orbit Enterprise Cloud products are structured to help both businesses and consumers leverage this new technology to improve effiency and profits. A number of organizations have already signed-on for the Beta program. Northern Block is looking for more organizations to get an early look at the products and to help drive functionality that they might need.

About Northern Block:

Northern Block is a Toronto, Canada based software developer with a long track record of customer implementations. A leader in the SSI space with active positions on leading industry bodies like DIACC and TOIP, Northern Block is at the forefront of delivering on the Secure, Privacy by design and Verifiable world.


For more information about Northern Block, contact the company here:

Northern Block
Mathieu Glaude
(647) 233-2592