Canada High Society Announces Cannabis Store And Online Dispensary

Canadian High Society, a cannabis online dispensary, is announcing Vancouver weed delivery, for adults in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area. The company prides itself on offering quality cannabis at great prices, and delivers orders in the Vancouver area directly to the door in 1 to 2 hours. The company can also ship orders by Canada Postal Mail, for customers outside of the Vancouver area who can’t find the quality weed they want near them. Orders shipped by mail are delivered in 2 to 3 business days, to any Canadian postal code. Canadian High Society offers a wide range of products, to ensure they have something to suit every taste. They also have live customer support available from 11am to 10pm every day by call or text, in case customers need any help with their order.

The products available through Canadian High Society include edibles, accessories, vape cartridges, and flower, which can be purchased in small portions or much larger portions for a bulk discount. Each kind of product available from Canadian High Society is available in a variety of strains, which differ in the effects they can cause in users. Different weed strains have different effects because they have varying amounts of different cannabinoids, such as THC, delta-8 THC, or CBD. Different strains also contain different terpenes, substances which are found in many plants, not just cannabis. Terpenes provide a lot of the flavor and scent of various plants, and they can also have other benefits, including effects on the human body. Some common terpenes include Pinene, which, in keeping with its name, is found in pine trees, being a major component in pine resin. There’s also Linalool, present in lavender and other flowers, which is said by some to reduce anxiety and pain. Customers interested in purchasing cannabis with these or other terpenes can get mail order weed from Canadian High Society.

CHS Delivery Cannabis Store - Online Dispensary

Customers looking for discounts can take advantage of Canadian High Society’s daily deals, which offer a different deal every day of the week. These deals include such offers as free shipping on mail delivery orders, 20% off edibles, and a free gram of flower with any ounce. California High Society wants their customers to be happy with their purchases, and the value they’re getting. The company also sources all of their weed from ethical, small batch, craft cannabis producers in British Columbia, to ensure the highest quality weed for all of their customers. British Columbia is known around the world for their top quality weed, which benefits from an excellent climate for cannabis plants, as well as growers with years of experience experimenting with cannabis genetics, thanks to a history of lax legal enforcement prior to Canada’s cannabis legalization laws. This means that weed produced in British Columbia today comes from strong genetic source code, which has generations of history producing healthy plants with quality, potent cannabis flowers.

Products shipped by Canadian High Society are carefully sealed to prevent odours, and then packed in simple, unmarked boxes to offer a high level of discreetness. Canadian High Society can ship products anywhere with a Canadian postal code, and they use Canadian Post’s XPress Shipping to ensure packages get to customers quickly, within two to three days. Customers shopping with online dispensary Canadian High Society can pick from a wide variety of products, including a selection of edibles that offer cannabis in all kinds of easy to consume forms. Some of the edibles sold by Canadian High Society include gummies in various flavors, up to 600mg THC, spicy cheese puffs with 600mg THC, sour rainbow candies and craft THC chocolate bars. There are also easy to swallow capsules, and tinctures for easy, quick cannabis consumption. Canadian High Society also offers a vape pen battery and a variety of rolling papers for rolling joints.

In addition to their convenient Canadian shipping, the company delivers weed within one to two hours of order in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Anyone interested in ordering from Canadian High Society can visit their website or text their customer support team.

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For more information about CHS Delivery, contact the company here:

CHS Delivery
Mira Ray
(236) 304-0495
1055 Dunsmuir Street
Floor 39, Unit 5
Vancouver, V7X 1L3
British Columbia